This issue has been discussed for several years, especially given the tremendous growth in the quality of photos from mobile phones. Why carry a heavy DSLR with a bunch of lenses with you when you can check everything on your phone? But there are still things that you can’t do from a smartphone, and we’ll talk about them. More about trips here

On his first trip I took pictures on the phone, and now remember with horror the time for photos with Balkantura and Mamaaziyatura looking at these photos, there is only one desire – to once again ride on these routes and convert them to normal technique. Despite the fact that during this time and phones have stepped forward, I still use a DSLR camera and several lenses in my travels. And all because on the phone is not possible to photograph quality following things (all photos made by me):


I really like to take photographs of people. The most valuable thing in these photographs is the real, sincere emotions and expressions of their faces. As soon as they see you, they either pose or turn away. DSLRs and telephoto cameras allow you to remain unnoticed at a fairly distant distance and take real live pictures. Here I was able to capture the very moment when the girl smiled at me, raise the camera and take this single shot. Animals Sea lions on Sakhalin in Nevelsk. They are on the breakwater at a very distant distance. Despite their huge size, they are very afraid of people. To prevent people from approaching them, a wall was installed on the breakwater, it was necessary to take a photo from the shore. Seagull in Norway. It is immediately clear that she looks with great suspicion 🙂

Chipmunks in India. Runs very quickly in case of danger. Reindeer in Norway. They were not allowed to come closer than 100 meters. Monkeys in India. If you come close, they can attack and bite. When high magnification is required without loss of quality Each of these pairs of photographs are taken from the same point, but with different magnifications due to the mirror lens optics. Atlantic Road in Norway without zoom. With magnification. It is this angle that is often used to show the same “drunken bridge” The cave city of Vardzia in Georgia. In low light To prevent all objects in the photo from being blurred: in a dark room, you can use a slow shutter speed and a tripod: Cave in Abkhazia Metro in Stockholm

Or at night on the street:

Raban fortress in Akhaltsikhe Peter and Paul fortress in St. Petersburg Heavenly phenomena and bodies There are no comments at all. Under no circumstances will this work with a phone. Try to take pictures of the Moon of the Northern Lights Or some objects against the background of the starry sky. As for the phone, I’m not an Iphone fan, so I took the Xiaomi Mi Note3 6 phones with an excellent camera. What technique do you use when traveling?

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