July 29, 2016

Paid Reviews

paid reviews

After so much growth in our site and lots of requests from HYIP, Revshare, MLM site owners who want advertise their businesses or normal users who want to add their referral links to Earn With Me;

We have decided to add paid reviews/advertising spot on our site.

These sites will be in a different category so our loyal users will be able to differentiate which is our review and which is a paid review. We will also mention at the beginning of the review that this is a paid review. We will also link this page to the review. This part will be like a monitor site.

If you want to advertise your business with your own link on our site, please read the following Rules, Pricing Policy & Advantages:

  • The price of each review with your own referral link is $1,997.
  • The fee for the review is paid in advance before we publish the review. Please contact [email protected] for the payment and for further questions.
  • We will do the writing job, you don’t have to do anything. We got a professional language editor, who gathers all the necessary information and writes the review.
  • You will have prior access to your review before it is published, and if you are satisfied, we will publish it. You have the right to get it edited any time.
  • We will purchase permanent (permanent ones are 5x more expensive than monthly links) 50 High-Quality backlinks from linksmanagement.com for your review link, which will help your review to rank higher on search engines in time and you will get lots of organic traffic from search engines. We are already ranking #1 on most of the keywords. Earn With Me is the #1 Review blog, on “make money online” niche and our Alexa Ranking is quite high and improving everyday.
  • Your review will be shared on our Social Media accounts, all of which have thousands of followers. So, it will get lots of social media traffic, which is quite effective. All of our followers are interested in new money making opportunities. And the best part for you is that, they will not be shared only one time. They will be shared at least 3 times a week, constantly.
  • We will remove your review from Earn With Me only if your business is closed. Otherwise, it will be kept here forever. Review fee is a one time fee, no further payments.
  • We guarantee that your review will contain at least 500 Words!
  • Only one review is allowed for a website. If there is already a review about it, we do not add it again. If you pay for a spot, it is yours forever.
  • We will purchase high-quality traffic to our site with the 50% of the review fee. So, it will contribute to your review indirectly, too.
  • We cannot guarantee that you will get results, referrals, sales etc and there is no refund in case you cannot take any advantage of it. However, considering our Alexa rank, paid traffic that we purchase continuously, SEO and the organic traffic that your review will get from search engines; it is highly probable that you will compensate the review cost. We get around $2,000-$2,500 (on some sites it is as high as $20,000) for each site that we introduce. We even had times that we got $16,000 referral commission with the help of our reviews. You can get the same results, too, but this is not guaranteed because we have no control over our followers’ actions.
  • Due to nature of SEO, it takes a few months to get results from your review. But once we rank on search engines, it will be a steady, continuous free traffic for you for lifetime. We will do our best to rank your review #1 on search engines. We are already ranking on first page of search engines on certain keywords.
  • There is no refund after the payment is done, because we are starting all the process the moment you pay the fee for the review. We have lots of expenses to create a review for you. We do not issue refunds.
  • It takes 7 days at most for your review to be published.

You can see the proofs of our earnings from some of our reviews and from our referrals below. You may get the same results with your paid review:


referral commissions

Get Paid Social

referral commissions

MMM Global

referral commissions

Traffic Monsoon

referral commissions

Click Intensity

click intensity

Fort Ad Pays

referral commissions

Digital Altitude

digital altitude

Eden Traffic

referral commissions

Lara With Me

lara with me

Banana Fund

advertise here

Do you still think that it is not worth the review fee?

It is quite worth it!

Contact [email protected] now, to start your paid review process!


Earn With Me Team


  • According to our experience, purchasing traffic to the reviews works best. You may think of purchasing traffic to your review link.
  • Offering RCB like we do increases your chances to get more referrals.


  • There is also a 10% referral commission for finding us customers. For example, find us customers who wants to add his site to Earn With Me and make instant 10% commission into your payment processor!
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