November 9, 2015


If we list a site in Low-Risk category it means that they are safer than High-Risk sites, because they generate revenue from somewhere and they are paying for a long time.

High-risk sites are obvious ponzis, they cannot generate revenue from anywhere. They only pay form new users’ money to old users.

Since there is small risk in Low-Risk sites, give them a try to make money online.

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3 thoughts on “Low-Risk

  • Hi Sercan, why are you not offering “Merchant Shares” as an option in the ‘Low-Risk’ section of your website?? … I want to join Merchant Shares, but there is no direct way of joining them, so I HAVE to join via an existing member. The best solution is to join as your ref so that we both can benefit from this. So, add “Merchant Shares” here asap.


    • Actually, Marchant Shares is on the pending list of websites. But we are still investigating if it is a ponzi or not. We will fasten the process of investigating upon your request and share it after more investigation.
      Thanks for the warning.
      Enjoy Earn With Me.

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