November 8, 2015


Sites that involve high risks are introduced here.

Please invest with caution as these kind of sites may scam you one day. If you are decisive on investing these ponzi/hyip sites, try to invest early when the site has just launched and try to cashout all your investments as soon as possible.

If it has been a long time the site has been opened, you should be more careful. It is too risky to make money online in these sites, do not invest more than you can afford to lose

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4 thoughts on “High-Risk

  • may i ask why trafficmonsoon is not in your sitelist not even at high risk?
    Right now and for past year its the highest return reliable revshare/traffic site. and we expect it to stay up atleast 6/12 more months . great compound/earning potential.

    if u want more information just email me.
    Anyways good site. just expected a bigger list of site offers.

  • Hi, please what’s your take on GetHelp Worldwide? They seem much More better than MMM as they have eliminated the guider system and you can’t reduce your investment and much more. How long do u think they’ll last? MMM Nigeria is still paying after 1 year in operation so…

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