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iseiko review

  • Status: Paying
  • Payment Processors: : Klick&Pay, Advanced Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Payeer, OKPAY, Skrill, Visa\Mastercard, Payza, Xapo and AsiaPay
  • Minimum Deposit: 10€
  • Minimum Withdrawal: 10€
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Briefly about iSeiko and its background

iSeiko is a trading company registered in Hong Kong and the Seychelles islands.It was founded by a crypto-currency genius known by the nickname of “Yoshimi Kagava”. They say that Yoshimi started his journey as a trader and crypto-currency enthusiast back in 2009, has allegedly been very close to Satoshi Nakamoto (the creator of Bitcoin) and even consulted Vitalik Buterin while he was creating Ethereum!

Being smart enough to fully realize what the true potential of both Bitcoin and Altcoins was, Yoshimi Kagava managed to become incredibly rich, trading and holding them. In the year of 2015 he was already a very well-known figure in the crypto-currency community.

All that has lead to the creation of the iSeiko project (the name of which translates from Japan as “success”). Reaching out to the most competent experts in crypto-currencies, finances and MLM, Yoshimi put together a team that has become a great foundation for iSeiko. As of today, this company has got 16 professional traders working for it, as well as thousands of supporting partners and investors from all over the world.


The main revenue source of iSeiko

This company specializes in trading crypto-currencies. Its competent employees have developed unique trading strategies that allow the company to always make a profit, regardless of the economic situation. Therefore, iSeiko is able to keep bringing revenues to its investors even during the periods of high volatility!

All of the transactions made by the company are recorded and published in investment reports that are shared with the investors on a weekly basis. Along with that, the traders of iSeiko also share their predictions of the future crypto-currency price changes.

Thanks to that, the resourceful partners of iSeiko can make an additional profit, using their own capital to act accordingly to those predictions.

How to make money with iSeiko

In order to make money online at iSeiko, you can do one (or several) of the following things:
1) Invest into the company directly (starting from just $10)!
2) Follow the company trades – and copy them!
3) Refer others to iSeiko – and benefit from its generous Affiliate Program!
4) Climb the Career ledger – and get rewarded with different kinds of bonuses and bounties!
5) Contribute to the growth of the iSeiko community – and receive one of the numerous company bounties!


If you want to become one of the company investors, you can do that by purchasing one of its numerous Investment Packages. The smallest Package costs just 10€, and the biggest (and most profitable) one – 14,580€. All the Packages mature in 365 days.

Another thing that should be mentioned here is that iSeiko doesn’t limit the total number of Packages that you may have. So, if you feel really confident about this company, you can go in with even more than 14,580€!

Take a look at all of the available Investment Plans – and choose the one that suits your budget and ambitions:

iseiko iseiko review iseiko review

START (10€): 190% ROI. Daily profit: 0.5%.
BASIC (45€): 201% ROI. Weekly profit: 3.8%.
LITE (90€): 210% ROI. Weekly profit: 4.03%.
MEDIUM (270€): 230% ROI. Weekly profit: 4.42%.
LARGE (810€): 258% ROI. Weekly profit: 4.96%.
TRADER (2,430€): 287% ROI. Weekly profit: 5.5%.
EXCLUSIVE (7,290€): 301% ROI. Weekly profit: 5.7%.
PRO (9,720€): 312% ROI. Weekly profit: 6%.
INFINITY (14,580€): 323% ROI. Weekly profit: 6.2%.

All the Packages (except for the START one) earn you money every week and let you withdraw your earnings just as often. The START Package, however, brings you profit on a daily basis, and lets you request withdrawals daily, as well!

As of now, iSeiko works with the following payment processors: Klick&Pay, Advanced Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Payeer, OKPAY, Skrill, Visa\Mastercard, Payza, Xapo and AsiaPay. You are free to make a deposit in either Euro, US Dollars, Bitcoin or Ethereum. However, upon the deposit, your money will be converted into Yoshi, based on the exchange rates set up by the administration of iSeiko. Similarly, your earnings inside the system are converted in the opposite direction when you request a withdrawal.
“What is Yoshi?” – you may wonder. Well, it is claimed to be an “electronic currency”. It has been created by iSeiko, and all the internal accounting in this program is performed solely in Yoshi.

The total supply of this currency is limited by 42 mil, and because the demand for it is constantly growing, its price will likely be increasing. Therefore, when you withdraw your earnings from iSeiko, you have a chance of making an additional profit, because your Yoshi has become more valuable! Note, however, that Yoshi can’t be used anywhere outside the iSeiko platform.
Also note that investment accruals happen just Monday through Friday. Besides, don’t expect any profits from the 15th of Dec until the 15th of Jan.

Affiliate Program and Career at iSeiko:

First of all, there are a total of 10 Career ranks in iSeiko. And your Affiliate earnings are strongly connected to the Career rank you hold.

iseiko review

Below you can find the names of these ranks and the minimum structure turnover that you must achieve in order to claim it. Also, you can see there the profit percentage associated with each rank and used when calculating your monthly affiliate commission on the investment activity of your structure.

PARTNER (7%), Minimum Structure Turnover: 10.00€
BRONZE DIRECTOR (9%), Minimum Structure Turnover: 3 000.00€
SILVER DIRECTOR (11%), Minimum Structure Turnover: 25 000.00€
GOLD DIRECTOR (12.5%), Minimum Structure Turnover: 50 000.00€
PLATINUM DIRECTOR (14%), Minimum Structure Turnover: 100 000.00€
SAPPHIRE DIRECTOR (15%), Minimum Structure Turnover: 500 000.00€
RUBY DIRECTOR (16%), Minimum Structure Turnover: 1 000 000.00€
EMERALD DIRECTOR (17%), Minimum Structure Turnover: 3 000 000.00€
DIAMOND DIRECTOR (18%), Minimum Structure Turnover: 10 000 000.00€
BLACK DIAMOND DIRECTOR (19%), Minimum Structure Turnover:100 000 000.00€

Note that your affiliate commission in iSeiko is calculated as follows: (your rank percentage – your referral’s rank percentage) * your referral’s structure turnover. Therefore, you will only earn commissions on the turnover of those of your referrals who have a smaller rank than you. So, if you really want to conquer the Career ledger in iSeiko, it’d make all sense to get to the highest possible rank in the shortest period of time!
The good news is that every time you claim a higher Career rank, you receive a reward!

It starts with the Bronze Director level – and grows in size from $100 all the way up to $1,000,000!

Other bounties from iSeiko
Aside from just growing your downline structure, you can also make money at iSeiko by performing different tasks for the benefit of the company. For example, you are rewarded with an additional 1-2% commission on your referrals’ investments for opening (and managing) an office for iSeiko or holding company webinars or presentations.

Feel free to take a look at the official video presentation of iSeiko here to learn more about it:


To sum it up, iSeiko is a unique earning opportunity, and you will, most likely, regret if you don’t give it a try!

So, don’t hesitate to sign up at iSeiko, clicking the link below:

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