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  • Status: Paying
  • Payment Processors: Credit Cards, Bank Transfers
  • Minimum Deposit: 300 Euro
  • Minimum Withdrawal: –
  • Category: Crypto Currency, Paid Review
  • Referral Commission: 12% in Direct Sales Commissions, 50% on the Point Volume of the weaker Binary Leg and up to 20% in Matching Bonuses for Level 1-3 Referrals

An introduction to the CoinSpace program: CoinSpace Review

Simply put, CoinSpace is a Network Marketing company and the provider of the Cloud Mining services! This company has dedicated itself to providing all of its customers with a super simple yet very profitable way of becoming a part of the Cryptocurrency world.

Do you imagine how much time and money it would take you to run a Mining Farm all by yourself?

Other than that, all the mining-related costs (electricity, hardware and software setup and maintenance) and other requirements (enough space, power and cooling) are extremely tiresome!

However, when you deal with CoinSpace, you don’t need to worry about any of those things! The whole mining process is managed by the professional mining team of CoinSpace, while you can just benefit from the results of their work!

At CoinSpace, you can rent as much Hash Power as you want – and the process of investing and earning is super easy and safe!


Investment Plans and Passive ROI

There are 6 different Memberships (Investment Plans) offered at CoinSpace, and your earnings in this program are tied to the Membership you choose to buy. Their prices vary from 300€ to 12,000€.

Here are all the details of the Memberships that you can buy at CoinSpace:

coinspace review

*Note that the Double Mine Membership is valid for 2 years, while all the other ones are valid for just 1 year!

Passive ROI

Each CoinSpace Membership qualifies you for a certain amount of the Passive ROI that is being paid out to you on a monthly basis as follows:

  • Minimum Mine owners get 36.50€/month for 12 months!
  • Basic Mine owners get 84€/month for 12 months!
  • Quarter Mine owners get 182.50€/month for 12 months!
  • Half Mine owners get 365€/month for 12 months!
  • Full Mine owners get 730€/month for 12 months!
  • Double Mine owners get 1520€/month for 24 months!

Affiliate Structure

In addition to the Passive ROI income, you can also earn money here in the form of different Commissions:

Direct Sales Commissions, Binary Commissions and Matching Bonuses!

*Note, however, that 25% of any Commission you receive from CoinSpace must be reinvested into the program!

Direct Sales Commissions

When a Direct Referral of yours purchases a Membership Package, you earn a Direct Sales Commission. Depending on the Membership he buys, you earn one of the following Commissions:

  • Minimum Mine – 36.50€!
  • Basic Mine – 84€!
  • Quarter Mine – 180€!
  • Half Mine – 360€!
  • Full Mine – 720€!
  • Double Mine – 1440€!

Binary Commissions

The Binary Commissions System inside CoinSpace rewards you not only for your Direct Referrals’ investments, but, also, for the Investment Volume of ALL the people in your Downline!

coinspace review

Whenever a person from one of your Binary Legs purchases a CoinSpace Membership, it’s tracked by the system using the following Point system:

  • Minimum Mine – 50 points!
  • Basic Mine – 120 points!
  • Quarter Mine – 250 points!
  • Half Mine – 500 points!
  • Full Mine – 1000 points!
  • Double Mine – 2000 points!

Every week, you are paid 50% of the Point Volume of your weaker Binary Leg (each Point transforms into 1€). After this, the Point Volume you’ve just earned from is flushed from your both Right and Left Binary Legs.

Matching Bonuses

This type of Commissions will be credited to your CoinSpace account every time a Level 1,2 or 3 Referral of yours earns a Binary Commission! Depending on the type of your Membership and the Level/”Generation” of your Referral, you will be paid up to 20% on his Binary Commission!

coinspace review

Here is the compensation plan presentation, you can watch the videos in the link to understand the compensation plan better:

You can watch this video about CoinSpace:


This is your unique chance to become a part of the team of people who will revolutionize the world’s financial industry! Don’t hesitate to start investing in Cryptocurrency now, as this will allow you to reap high rewards in the future!

We hope this CoinSpace Review helped you understand how to make money online with CoinSpace.

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