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banana fund

  • Status: Paying
  • Payment Processors: Bitcoin
  • Minimum Deposit: $10
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $1
  • Category: No-Risk
  • Referral Commission: 10% (read below for more details about it)
  • Our RCB Offer: 50% of your Initial Token Offering purchase
  • Our Trust Score: 9/10

The background of Banana Fund and why it’s going to EXPLODE in the long-term: Banana Fund Review

banana fundIf you have been in the industry of online earnings for at least several years, then, you’ve definitely come across (or even profited from) the projects created and managed by the famous Richard Matthew John O’Neill.

Every business created by this person not only is filled with unique features and ideas, but also has the tendency of transforming its first investors/followers into $10,000+, $100,000+ and even $1,000,000+ income earners! With all that being said, you can imagine how thrilled we were when we found out that Richard started working on a 100% legit business project called “Banana Fund”!

Banana Fund is opening its doors in just a matter of days from now, and keeping in mind Richard’s talent of creating 5- and 6-digit earners out of his loyal supporters, we are more than excited to share the information about Banana Fund with YOU today! Hopefully, you’ll follow our advice – and spend enough time researching this huge earning opportunity because you can also earn the same amount of money with Banana Fund.

This is not a joke!

We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to review this company. That’s why we decided to summarize all the necessary information about Banana Fund in this review!

banana fund

The summary and the purpose of this business:

Have you ever been struck with a business idea that is so great that it made you think something like “Eureka! This idea has the power of changing the whole world!”?

In fact, a lot of amazing ideas worth investing into are born every once in a while. However, only a small part of them comes to life. This is due to the fact that a lot of people like you just don’t have a big enough start-up capital and/or enough experience to grow, manage and legalize “the whole thing”.

And that’s where Banana Fund comes in!

banana fund

Creating your business from scratch:

The idea behind this company is to bring together all the necessary components in order to transform your idea into a start-up, and, ultimately, help that start-up become a flourishing business! Banana Fund takes your idea as a basis, improves it (if necessary), funds it, builds it – and even runs it for you!

Meanwhile, you receive daily updates about, literally, anything related to your business! Everything is fully transparent: new sales, revenues and expenses, along with what’s happening to your company right now and what it’s planning to do in the future

Entrepreneur has the final word:

Banana Fund will assign your project an appropriate manager who will be responsible for building your business and posting daily updates about its growth. The member crowd of Banana Fund will fund and brainstorm it, being rewarded (in the form of shares in your business) for doing that!

As you can see, almost everything needed to build your business like improving your idea, writing down its documentation, managing it etc. is done by Banana Fund and the crowd. Nevertheless, you remain the owner of the business, and are in control of it! You have the right to specify how exactly your business will operate and what changes you’d like to be done to it at any given moment – and your opinion will be honoured provided the crowd agrees to support your business.

banana fund

Token System and Marketplaces:

Every business built and run here is a separate company, even though its “physical” equity is held by Banana Fund (as they’re the ones who legally register it on behalf of the entrepreneur and the crowd). And Tokens can be seen as the “shares” of each of these businesses.

All the revenues of a given business earmarked as dividends are equally distributed between the Token holders of that business. Also, Tokens are the key-element in the Crowd Voting system at Banana Fund. The more Tokens you own in a business, the more is your “voting weight” in it, and, therefore, the more is your power in deciding the future of that business!

Every approved business has a dedicated Token Marketplace opened for it. And users can buy/sell the Tokens of this business in real-time on the associated Marketplace! Prices on these Marketplaces are determined entirely by supply and demand, which means that users can place buy/sell bids at any desired price.

Other than that, Marketplaces are 100% transparent: you can see who is buying/selling and exactly who owns what! This is one of the place where you can make money with Banana Fund.

Your “wrong picks” are backed up:

If a business you back (have invested in) runs out of money, goes bankrupt or comes across some other serious trouble, and, ultimately, fails, Banana Fund will do its best to compensate you (either partially or completely)!

Crowd Safety Net is a system that is dedicated to taking care of the bakers of the failed projects! Banana Fund donates 50% of its cash revenue towards supporting this system. It means that you will be backed up by the entire Portfolio of Banana Fund in case you had invested into a business that failed!

The Crowd Safety Net aims to provide default coverage of 80% of your token purchase price, less any dividends you receive from those specific tokens. If it can’t refund all 80%, then it’ll give you at least part of that, as a result of the way it rotates the refund queue, as it issues half it’s revenues daily amongst the top segment of the pending refunds queue.

Isn’t that amazing?

So, if you happen to support a business that fails, Banana Fund will compensate your loss (in whole or in part), so that you could take another shot at investing into a greater business!

Profiting from helping everybody else succeed:

Banana Fund has dedicated itself to helping everybody involved in this company (entrepreneurs publishing their ideas, backers/investors, brainstormers and their staff) succeed – and profits from their success, as well!

Banana Fund is designed in such a way that just about every element of its business model is, actually, a revenue source for the company!

For example, it owns a 3% stake in the projects it builds, by default. However, it aims to earn the most of its profits via the Marketplace trading fees. 0.40% (half in Bitcoins, that will be used to cover the costs associated with operating the business, and the rest – in Tokens) of every completed trade will be the revenue of Banana Fund. What’s even better, Banana Fund will be accumulating the Token-part of these profits to build its stake in those businesses!

In other words, Banana Fund starts from owning 3% of every business it develops, and grows its stake to a substantial level as the trading volume on a Marketplace of a successful business grows!

Along with this “main” source of income, there is plenty of other, “secondary” revenue-makers, working for this company.

Here are just some of them:

  • Withdrawal fees
    Banana Fund will earn just under 4.50% of every requested cashout. Keeping in mind that this whole thing can grow to operating hundreds of businesses, we can be sure that the profits from this income stream will be enormous!
  • Internal Advertising
    We can imagine that when there will be hundreds of ideas floating inside this crowdfunding platform, some of the entrepreneurs will be willing to pay a fee for promoting their ideas to more investors/brainstormers of Banana Fund. And that will be another revenue-maker for the company!
  • Banana Fund Staff Hours
    The company will be earning a 15% margin on any action or service provided by the people hired by it for working on a business project!

Earning opportunity for investors/backers:

If you are willing to use your capital for investing in the ideas that you believe in, then, Banana Fund is the one-stop solution for you!

Here are the most important things about the investing process at Banana Fund that you should know of:

  • The Initial Token Offering Opportunity
    The “baker stake” (the stake owned by the investors) in every business here is broken up into 20 “blocks”, with each block being a multiple in price of the first block.

Needless to say that those who act (invest) first are rewarded big time! As the price of the first block is 20 times smaller than the price of the 20-th block, you can multiply your investment up to 20 times before the business you’ve invested in is even built! In other words, if you managed to buy a $10 position in the first block, and the start-up funds successfully, you will see your $10 becoming a whole $200, immediately!

You can check this table to learn the value of each Block.

  • Pre-bids
    Having said that, everybody will try to get the best position when investing into a business. But, maybe, you can be faster than them? YES, you can!

During the Brainstorming Phase, you have the option of placing limited 0.015 BTC “pre-bids” that secure your position in the Initial Token Offering (in other words, the time when the Tokens are being sold)! And if you do place such bids, you will start benefiting from supporting businesses built by Banana Fund even before they start operating (but only if they pass the Funding Phase)!

So, our exclusive tip for you is to be as fast as possible when investing in various ideas that you can find inside Banana Fund!

  • Affiliate Structure and RefBack Agreements
    As word of mouth has proven to be the most efficient form of advertising, Banana Fund has come up with an extremely rewarding Referral Commissions Structure. For every referral you bring into this business, you will be earning daily Referral Commissions as follows:

-10% of the value of every Token purchased by your Direct Referral during an Initial Token Offering!
-0.50% of the value of his every Bitcoin withdrawal!
-0.015% – 0.025% of the value of every Marketplace Token trade made by him!

What’s even more interesting, you can set up a part of your Referral Commissions (up to 75%) to be shared on a daily basis with the Referral who has earned you them!

Isn’t it a great way of thanking someone for joining this long-term business as your referral?

You can watch this video to understand Banana Fund better:

Our opinion about this business:

We couldn’t be more excited about sharing this amazing earning opportunity with you! We sincerely believe that Banana Fund has all the chances to grow into something HUGE!

We would love to see you being a part of our team on the way toward success! So, we invite you to sign up at Banana Fund as our referral! And as an incentive for doing that, we will pay you 50% of the Referral Commission we’ll receive from you!

More details about Banana Fund:

We’ve done our best to provide you with as much important information about this business as it was physically possible to the extent of this review.

However, if you’d like to read the most detailed presentation of Banana Fund, written by Richard himself, follow this link!

Click here to sign up to Banana Fund:

Make sure you see “Sercan Cakir” as your referrer while registering.

banana fund

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