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traffic circle share

  • Status: Paying
  • Payment Processors: PayPal, Payza, STP, PM, Payeer, Advcash
  • Minimum Deposit: $5
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $2
  • Category: Revshare, Paid Review
  • Referral Commission: 10%

A brief introduction to Traffic Circle Share: Traffic Circle Share Review

Let us ask you a question: do you enjoy being a part of a decent program with not very high yet stable daily earnings and great management?

Well, who doesn’t, right?

The program that we’re about to review can be treated just like that!

Let us tell you about Traffic Circle Share – a great combination of a Traffic Exchange, Paid-To-Click and RevShare!

traffic circle share

This program was launched in the middle of August, 2016, and has been growing at an impressive pace ever since! Aside from selling qualitative Advertising Services (Cash Links, Banner Links, Login Ads, Start Page Ads, Massive Traffic and Banner Ads), Traffic Circle Share also offers its members the opportunity of buying Advertising Packages. These AdPacks do not only provide its buyers with various Advertising Credits, but also bring them hourly revenues for up to 120% of its cost!

Traffic Circle Share has prepared some great earning opportunities for both Free and Pro members.

Let’s review each and every one of them:

traffic circle share

  • Earning as a Free Member
    Anybody can earn at Traffic Circle Share! Every member of this program (even those who didn’t make a deposit!) can use it to make money in the following ways:
    – Clicking Cash Links ($0.001-$0.02 each)!
    – Clicking Banner links ($0.001 each)!
    – Receiving 50% on your referrals’ Click earnings!
    – Receiving 10% on your referrals’ AdPack purchases!
    – Beware that in order to maintain the access to all of these earning streams, you need to surf at least 11 websites in the Traffic Exchange section every 24 hours!
  • Earning as a Pro Member
    If you are looking for even more profits from using Traffic Circle Share, then, you should definitely consider becoming a Pro member! For just $10/year you can grant yourself with the access to sharing the revenues of this program, in the form of AdPack earnings!

Here is a short guide to buying your first AdPack:

traffic circle share

  • Set up a new Banner Ad Campaign.
  • Buy your Pro membership ($10/year). Just click on the “Buy AdPack” button – and you will be redirected to the page on which you can purchase the membership.
  • Wait for your membership purchase to be approved!
  • Get back to the page with your Banner Ad Campaign – and buy as many AdPacks as you want!

Now, there are 4 different kinds of AdPacks that are sold at Traffic Circle Share. They are distinct in the amount of Advertising, price, maximum daily earnings and maturity percentage:

  • $5 AdPack earns you up to 1.50%/day and matures at 110%
  • $15 AdPack earns you up to 1.50%/day and matures at 110%
  • $30 AdPack earns you up to 2.00%/day and matures at 110%
  • $50 AdPack earns you up to 2.00%/day and matures at 120%

Note: Earning from your active AdPacks requires you to click 11 ads/day, as well!

As an example of Advertising Service that you get for buying an AdPack, let’s take a look at the $30 one. It provides its buyer with 20 Pay-Per-Click Banner Credits and 1000 Traffic Exchange Credits.

Awesome Tools offered by TPC:

Striving for the most beneficial working experience offered to its members, Traffic Circle Share makes everything possible to enhance the quality of the services that it offers to the people. Besides, the members of this program can greatly benefit from using the following helpful tools:

  • FREE Rotator service
  • This tool makes it possible for you to use a single link to promote all of your businesses at the same time!
  • You can create as many rotators as you like. And all that – for free!
  • The access to InstaBuilder 2.0
  • InstaBuilder 2.0 is a WordPress plugin that can be used for creating any type of marketing pages with just a few clicks of your mouse, and doesn’t require any coding/programming skills!
  • Being a member of Traffic Circle Share, you can use InstaBuilder 2.0 for just $5/month, instead of its official price ($77-197 one time and, then, $37 per year for continued “Support and Updates”)!

And that’s not the end – more exclusive tools and products are going to be added for members’ use in the future!

instabuilder review

Accepted Payment Systems and Withdrawal Terms:

As of now, Traffic Circle Share works with these 6 payment processors: PayPal, Payza, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash.

Note: PayPal can be used for buying the Pro membership or any Advertising Service but the AdPacks!

Withdrawals can only be requested to the payment processor that has been used for depositing the most money, and are processed within 24 hours.

Your first withdrawal can be requested when you have earned as low as $2!

However, the minimum limit for cashing out increases by $1 any time you request a withdrawal, until it hits its permanent level of $10. From then on, you will be able to cash out your earnings as soon as you have got at least $10 in your earning balance.

Take a look at the video-review of Traffic Circle Share, recorded by one of the admins of this program:

Start your profitable journey in this program, click on the link below and register to Traffic Circle Share:

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