• Status: Paying
  • Payment Processors: Bitcoin
  • Minimum Deposit: 0.01 BTC
  • Minimum Withdrawal: 0.01 BTC
  • Category: Revshare, Mid-Risk
  • Referral Commission: 6% for adpacks + 10% for other sales
  • Our RCB Offer: 50% on your first purchase
  • Our Trust Score: 8/10

An introduction to MyPayingCryptoAds and its “prehistory”: MyPayingCryptoAds Review

Have you heard about the well-known Uday Nara and MyPayingAds – his RevShare program that has been successfully operating since March, 2015?

This admin has totally earned our trust, running his first program in the most transparent and honest way throughout all the 500+ days of its existence!

MyPayingAds has always been considered a pioneer of the Revenue Sharing industry. Now that it’s opening an associated business called MyPayingCryptoAds, we can only agree that it is still “ahead of the game”

It’s about time for us to dive into the core details of the MyPayingCryptoAds program!


First of all, it stands to mention that MyPayingCryptoAds is fully Bitcoin-oriented: all the transactions made inside this program (Advertising sales, Referral Commissions, RevShare Earnings etc.) are made solely in Bitcoin!

The administration of MyPayingCryptoAds believes in the bright future of the Bitcoin network. It will be participating in growing the demand for this cryptocurrency. And that will, in its turn, bring profits to everybody who has been supporting MyPayingCryptoAds on its way to success!

So, MyPayingCryptoAds is a perfect fusion of Cryptocurrency, Revenue Sharing and the advertising power of MyPayingAds!

The business model of this program places it between the advertisers that are willing to promote their products or services and the people interested in those offers!

Thus, MyPayingCryptoAds earns money (which it, later, shares with its active members), making both advertisers and its members happy!

Business Model

MyPayingCryptoAds is an online advertising program that offers its members several awesome earning opportunities, while providing advertisers with the opportunity of reaching its audience via buying one of their various advertising services!

Cash Links

The first earning opportunity are the “Cash Links”. These ads are listed on MyPayingCryptoAds by the people who want to bring additional visitors to their websites, and are willing to pay for those visits! Therefore, the clickers are rewarded for visiting those websites!

Affiliate Structure

Other than that, you can make money online at MyPayingCryptoAds, referring new customers to this program. Either your referrals are genuine advertisers or are interested in sharing the profits of the program (owning the so-called “AdPacks”), you will still benefit from telling them about this program!

As a reward for bringing in new customers to, you will be receiving a Referral Commission of 6% on all of your referrals’ AdPack purchases, and a whopping 10% whenever they buy any other advertising product!

Revenue Sharing

The last (but, definitely, not least!) earning opportunity is the Revenue Sharing part of this program!

As we’ve mentioned earlier, MyPayingCryptoAds shares the profits from its sales (but the 6%-10% that is paid as the Referral Commission and an additional Admin Fee) with its active members.

Now, in order to become (and remain) an active member, you’ll need to buy your AdPack(-s) (for 0.01 BTC each) and, then, keep clicking 10 ads/day until your AdPacks “expire”.

As an active member, you will be sharing the profits of the program on an hourly basis (only if enough profits have been made since the previous Revenue Sharing!), until your AdPacks earn you 120% of their initial price.

MPCA gives around 2% daily earnings.

Please, note that the number of active AdPacks you can have at the same time depends on the type of your membership!

General Overview of MyPayingCryptoAds:


Here are the details of the 4 membership Plans available to you at MyPayingCryptoAds:

  • As a Free member (0 BTC/month), you can have a maximum of 100 active AdPacks (worth 1 BTC)!
  • Explorer membership (0.02 BTC/month) lets you own up to 100 active AdPacks (worth 2.5 BTC)!
  • Being a Professional member (0.05 BTC/month), you can have up to 100 active AdPacks (worth 5 BTC)!
  • Elite membership (0.10 BTC/month) unleashes your advertising power to its maximum! It qualifies you for owning a whole lot of 1000 active AdPacks simultaneously!

So, feel free to choose the membership that will be the best fit for your advertising and earning needs!


At MyPayingCryptoAds, you are allowed to withdraw your earnings on a daily basis!

Now, the Referral Commissions you receive are 100% withdrawable! Besides, you are not limited to how much you can earn from your active AdPacks.
However, keep in mind that you can only cash out up to 1 BTC of your Revenue Sharing earnings at a time! Everything that exceeds 1 BTC/day can either be spent on purchasing some advertising services for promoting your business, or just left in your account – and withdrawn some other time!

Advertising services offered at MPCA:

You might be asking yourself: “Where does MyPayingCryptoAds get enough money to share with me?” Well, we’re here to dispel your doubts regarding this matter!

Let us inform you about all the Advertising Products that are sold by MyPayingCryptoAds!

Any advertiser can capture the attention of the members of this program, purchasing one of the following services:


  • Traffic Exchange Views
    Every member who wants to receive hourly Revenue Sharing accruals, must surf at least 10 ads of this kind in order to keep his AdPacks in the active state.
    Therefore, everybody buying this advertising service will reach the most active members of this program!
  • Login Ads
    Whenever a member logs into his account, he will see one of the advertisers’ Login Ads!
  • Withdrawal Ads
    These ads must be seen by anybody willing to request a withdrawal from this program. Therefore, you, as an advertiser, have a chance of reaching out to the people who have got the money that they can spend on a product/service of yours! If you manage to convince them that it is worth their money, of course!
  • Cashlink Advertisements
    These ads are similar to the PTC ads: advertisers pay a certain price for each visitor/viewer they receive.
  • Banner Ads
    You are free to choose either a rotating or a fixed/static Banner Ad Package, offered in three different sizes: 125×125, 468×60, 728×90!
  • Text Ads
    These ads are offered in rotating and fixed/static packages, as well.
  • PPC Banners
    Buying this service, you’ll be receiving an unlimited number of banner impressions until a certain number of people (interested in your banner!) click on it!

So, do you have a service or a product that would be useful/interesting to the members of MyPayingCryptoAds? Do you accept Bitcoin as a payment method?
Then, advertising on MyPayingCryptoAds is your best chance of reaching your target audience!

You can watch this video to understand MyPayingCryptoAds better:

Our opinion about this program:

We are truly impressed by the hard and honest work of Uday Nara, and are looking forward to seeing MyPayingCryptoAds take its rightful place in the advertising industry!

Taking into consideration the ever-increasing worldwide demand of Bitcoin, it is safe to say that contributing to the development of the Bitcoin network (if done well), can bring MyPayingCryptoAds many customers and a lot of profits!

Now, will you be one of the people who will benefit big time for supporting this program since its early days? If you believe in Bitcoin and trust Uday Nara, then, joining MyPayingCryptoAds is your best possible decision!

Besides, don’t hesitate to sign up in this program as our referral, as we will share with you 50% of what we’ll earn from your first purchase!

Create your account at MyPayingCryptoAds for free, clicking on the link below:

Note: Make sure you sponsor is “816-EarnWithMe” while registering to the site in order to not to miss taking advantage of being our referral.


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