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  • Status: Paying
  • Payment Processors: Payza, STP, Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin
  • Minimum Deposit: $5
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $10
  • Category: MLM, Matrix, Paid Review
  • Referral Commission: Around 20% up to 4 Levels deep + Matching Bonuses

Quick introduction to UnicornAdz: UnicornAdz Review

Do you remember the amazing UnisonWealth program that has been successfully operating for over a year in 2014 and 2015? If you are an active online earner, then, you have, most probably, heard about it.

You might have even profited big time from that earning opportunity!


Anyways, the admin of UnisonWealth has spent the last year designing his new Subscription-based Matrix program called UnicornAdz. And now you can take the advantage of discovering it among the first! It is worthy of note that the concept of UnicornAdz is truly unique and has a great potential. This program has been planned in such a way that if you join it under a successful team of people, you’ll greatly benefit from the massive spillovers coming from your sponsors down to you and even your referrals!

Other than that, the admin has come up with a never-seen-before Cash Links feature that will definitely help the system not to stall in just a few weeks as all the other Matrices do! You can enter this Matrix with as little as $25, and the earning potential here is simply overwhelming!

Many big leaders from all around the world are actively promoting this program.

Do not let them get the money that could be earned by you!

The Subscriptions of UnicornAdz

There are 3 different Subscriptions (or “Phases”) that you can buy at UnicornAdz:

  • Unicorn 25
  • Unicorn 60
  • Unicorn 120.

The price of these Phases is $25, $60 and $120 respectively. Each of these Phases comes with a certain type of useful products and works in a similar manner.


Let’s discuss the process of earning in the Unicorn 25 Phase:

Your every purchase of a Unicorn 25 Subscription will generate an instant $5 commission for your direct sponsor, and 10 $2 Positions. Every week a $2 Position (out of those 10) will be put in the next place in your Matrix for a total of 10 weeks. Now, every $2 Position enters the Level 1 (2×1) Matrix, at first. After you receive 2x $0.50 payments, it becomes a $3 Positions and enters the Level 2 (4×1) Matrix. The Level 2 Matrix can bring you a maximum of 4x $0.75 in earnings, after which your positions transforms into a $8 Entry and enters the Level 3 (8×1) Matrix. The earning potential of this Matrix is 8x $1.25. Later on, you enter the 4-th (16×1) Matrix with a $50 Position that can bring you the earnings of up to 16 payments of $20 each. Then, your Position enters the last (5-th), 32×1 Matrix, where you can receive a maximum of 32x $332!

So, the total income potential for a single $2 Position is: $1 + $3 + $10 + $320 + $10,624 = $10,958! And you will have a whole lot of 10 such Positions entering your Matrix over a 10 weeks period!

As we have mentioned earlier, the other two Phases (60 and 120) work on a similar basis.

The Products of UnicornAdz:

Together with the amazing earning opportunity, the purchase of a Subscription grants you with the access to the following valuable digital products and services created and offered by UnicornAdz.


In addition, the more is the price of your Subscription, the bigger “amount” of products you will receive for buying it!

Here is how much value each of the Phases will bring you:


By the way, would you like to have your own Retail Store bringing you passive profits? Who wouldn’t, right?

Well, buying a Subscription at UnicornAdz will provide you with such a Store!

You will have hundreds of such products as Marketing-related E-books, Graphic-related data and discounted Scripts at your disposal! And whenever a direct referral of yours purchases an item from your Retail Store, you will earn a stunning commission!

Cash Links Concept:

Have you ever wondered why such programs as Matrices, Cyclers and even RevShares tend to stall?

That’s because the people who have jumped into those programs in their very beginning stop working towards the benefit of the program (like, repurchase their earnings and refer new people), and begin “sucking” as much money as they can out of the system. When a program approaches this time, it is doomed to collapse.

Well, that’s not the case in this program! The admin of UnicornAdz has come up with the brand new concept of Cash Links! This unique feature both helps the new members reach their Break Even Point as soon as possible, and provides the “old” members with a great Advertising opportunity!

Here is how the Cash Links work:

Whenever any member of the program who has already hit his BEP (has cashed out more than he has deposited) requests a new withdrawal, 50% of the sum he’s requested to be cashed out is credited into his Cash Link wallet!

In other words, that member will only receive 50% of his pure profits to his payment processor wallet, while the other 50% can be used for purchasing the Cash Links advertising service only!

And the best part of this concept is that only the members who are yet to recover their seed money will be able to make money, clicking on those Cash Links! All in all, Cash Links is a decent form of advertising that will certainly help the older members of UnicornAdz find more customers for their primary businesses, and the new ones – get back their invested money ASAP!

Feel free to watch this short video in order to get a better understanding of the UnicornAdz program:

So, what are you waiting for?

Start your journey in this program now – or regret later!

Sign up at UnicornAdz, clicking on the link below:



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