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  • Status: Paying
  • Payment Processors: Bank Wire, Bitcoin, Advcash, Credit Cards, Payeer, 2pay4you
  • Minimum Deposit: $50
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $20
  • Category: Revshare, Paid Review
  • Referral Commission: 4 Level Deep – 12% on 1st level, 12% on 2nd level, $1 for every token on 3rd level, $1 for every token on 4th level
  • RCB Offered: 50% on your first adpack purchase

What is GetMyAds and how to make money online with GetMyAds: GetMyAds Review


Welcome to a new and innovative Traffic Network with one of the most appealing RevShare and Affiliate programs in the advertising industry, GetMyAds!

Both beginner and professional Customers and Affiliates are highly rewarded for interacting with this program! GetMyAds has partnered up with 75+ other Traffic Networks from all around the world to provide its members with the best advertising services and great earnings!

A whole lot of 2400+ social media, informational and entertaining websites and blogs, as well as their multi-millions targeted auditory bring constant profits to the company – and it shares all of them with their Affiliates!

The parent company of GetMyAds was created in 2011, and their PayBack program was only available to their “Premium” customers until 2015. This PayBack program has been sharing the profits from the whole Traffic Network with all active customers and affiliates since then! Luckily, nowadays, you can benefit from making money online using this program without having to qualify yourself as a “Premium” member of GetMyAds!

Advertising Products offered by GetMyAds:

Here you can buy the attention of the millions of targeted visitors who are interested in taking a look at your business offer! Besides, you are free to choose from a wide variety of the qualitative advertising products sold by GetMyAds!

Thanks to this program, your Ad Campaigns have the chance to reach 300+ millions of users on 24000+ websites, every month!

Other than that, the company comes up with different “seasonal” and “temporary” advertising offers from time to time.
Now, all the Advertising products of GetMyAds can only be bought using the internal currency of the program: the so-called” Tokens”. Every Token has a value of $50. You can purchase up to 1000 of Tokens for satisfying the advertising needs of your business right after your register in the program!

Some of the Advertising products are available to the Premium Customers only. Nonetheless, you won’t ever feel the “lack” of options here, as you will always have the full access to the vast majority of the advertising solutions!

Here is what you can get for just one Token (worth $50):

  • 200 targeted clicks to your website from the Content Marketing websites of the company!
  • 200 visitors generated through a Banner Ad Campaign of yours!
  • 500 views to one of your videos!
  • 200 clicks from the people subscribed to one of the E-Mail lists that are connected to GetMyAds!
  • 5000 E-Mails containing your promotional text sent to the people who are interested in the offers of this kind!


Customer Rewards Program:

As soon as you buy an advertising package at GetMyAds, you will start receiving your RevShare payments 24 times a day and 7 days a week!

In addition, the more advertising you buy, the more other advertising opportunities you’ll be offered! The proven Customers of the company are granted with the access to different advertising formats, educational consulting and seminars. All of that is aimed at increasing the success of your promotions!


Each of your Tokens ($50) will be earning you hourly profits every day for 600 days! And for information purposes only, it is worthwhile to say that the daily PayBacks have been at the rate of 1%/day since the very launch of GetMyAds (November, 15, 2015)!

Affiliate Program

In this program, you can benefit from generous instant referral commissions and mentor bonuses for bringing in new partners!

First of all, you will be getting a whopping total of 24% in referral commissions on your Referrals’ advertising purchases as follows:

  • 12% on all of your Direct Referrals purchases!
  • 12% on all of your Level 2 Referrals purchases!
  • $1 for every token for your 3rd and 4th level referrals!


More than that, if you do well in building your downline in GetMyAds, you will enter the Mentor Team! Then, you will start sharing a massive 40% from the advertising revenues of the company!So, what are you waiting for? Start making money with the help of this program right now!


You can watch this video to understand the system better:

The ongoing Referral Contest!

An amazing Contest for Affiliates is ongoing right now at GetMyAds! It has started on October, 10, and will end on the 13-th of November.

The best part is that every member of GetMyAds has an equal chance of winning the Contest, as only the Token purchases of your referrals registered in the system after the 10-th of October qualify you for participating in (and, ultimately, winning!) it!

The main prize of this Contest is the Rolex Submariner watch, and the more paid referrals you bring into GetMyAds, the more is your chance of winning this watch!

So, what are you waiting for? Start making money with the help of this program right now!

Click on the link below to create your account at GetMyAds under us to take advantage. Because you will get 50% of the referral commission back on your first ad pack purchase:

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