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    • what don’t you understand, can you tell us on details ?
      In the revshare you have to purchase adpacks. You will get banner ads, website credits and text ads in adpacks.
      Most of the revshare share ad revenue to their members.
      Like suppose if you bought adpacks worth 1000$ then you will get 120% returns so it means you will get 1200$.
      Daily income is 1-2% based on the revshares.

  • HI I see that adpackpro does not use an encrypted SSL layer (https://), meaning hackers could easily hack it…

    All the other revshares use it…..But this does not….

    Would it be a problem?

    • Hi John,
      they are an online company. They have their own platform with other security factors in place. They have security on the first place (i.e.: KYC).
      Normally other revshares buy a script to set up their platform, that’s normally caused other problem (money stolen, etc.).

    • Membership levels are showed at the end in the review. The membership are yearly. Until 10 Adpacks is free, until 50 Adpacks is 39 Eur, until 100 Adpacks is 69Eur, until 250 AP is 99 EUR, until 500 AP is 199 Eur, until 2000 AP is 699 eur, until 3000 AP is 999 EUR.

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