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  • Status: Paying
  • Payment Processors: OkPay, Advcash, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, E-Payments,
  • Minimum Deposit: €90
  • Minimum Withdrawal: €50
  • Category: HYIP, Paid Review
  • Referral Commission: 11 Level Deep up to 15%

What is Questra Holdings ( and why you should consider it to be a decent earning opportunity: Questra Review

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Questra Holdings can be called an HYIP-site! As you know, we always thoroughly research all the investing opportunities ourselves before presenting them to you. Besides, according to our beliefs (and many years of experience!), it is possible to earn some extra money online even with the programs of such kind (HYIP). That’s why we decided that you deserve to find out about an additional money-making opportunity which could help you enlarge your investment portfolio!

Now, let’s take a look at some numbers related to the Questra Holdings company:

  • Working on the European market since 2009!
  • Questra Holdings has official partnerships with many clients in the whole 28 countries all over the Europe!
  • The company has more than 158 employees!
  • 88% of all conducted deals turn out to be profitable!
  • The year 2015 has brought 231,140,899.00 euros in pure profit to the Questra Holdings company!

You can see their referral structure/career ladder here:

questra referral system

They have their own offline office in Spain, and all the partners and investors of the company are warmly welcomed there for receiving additional information or even suggesting something to the company!

questra office

What idea lays behind this earning opportunity and how you can make money online with it:

As we’ve said earlier, this is an HYIP (a very well-looking and with a great potential for a long-term one, but, still…). And every HYIP has a beautiful “story”, which describes how the company makes money which it uses to repay its investors. Now, we  believe that this HYIP may stay active and pay for quite a long time, as we see it as a pretty reliable and convincing one. Anyways, we call it a “story” in order our loyal members to fully realize all the potential risks that they come across when dealing with an HYIP-program.

According to their “story”, they earn money by buying and, then, reselling debentures and investing in different “new” companies via buying their shares when those companies conduct an “Initial Public Offering” (IPO) on a stock exchange (companies do that in order to gain some “startup” capital for driving their business during its “infancy” period) .

The managing directors of Questra Holdings research the stock market and concentrate their attention (and investments!) on the most promising companies only! Buying the shares of a promising company at the moment of their “Initial Public Offering” lets the Questra Holdings company resell those shares after a not very long time for a pure profit of 10-3000%!

Also, there is an “Insurance Fund” which has almost 54 mil Euro right now.

There are many various “Investment Portfolios” (investment plans) for us to choose when investing our money into the system. However, we suggest you concentrate on the “Standard”, “White” and “Yellow” ones, as they are the most cheapest investment plans, which still offer a good ROI (4-6% per week).

Please, remember that you shouldn’t invest in any HYIP more money than you can afford to lose!


Feel free to check out the briefing with one of the managers of Questra Holdings here:

You can also watch this video about the “Leadership” event in Kiev:

You can have a look at this PDF presentation for more information:

Click the link below to register:

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