• Status: Paying
  • Payment Processors: Bitcoin
  • Minimum Deposit: 0.05 BTC (member to member payments) 
  • Minimum Withdrawal: 0.05 BTC (member to member payments)
  • Category: Matrix, High-Risk
  • Referral Commission: 100%
  • Our Trust Score: 8/10

What Bitdonix is and why you should take a closer look at it: BitDonix Review


Bitdonix is a Peer-to-Peer Direct Donation Platform managed by such well-known online entrepreneurs and admins as Tousif Parvez, Lubos Hollan and OJ Jordon. This platform allows its members to willingly send and receive donations to/from other members, on a monthly basis! Besides, every donation sent brings you a certain number of Text, Banner and Login Advertising Credits, which you can use for promoting your other businesses on the Bitdonix website!

Bitdonix is built in such a way that it can be used by various fundraising organizations and individuals for either personal or business purposes. There are NO any “Admin fees” or any other hidden fees at Bitdonix. All the donations are transferred directly from one member’s Bitcoin wallet to another member’s Bitcoin wallet.

Bitdonix was created with a clear intention of helping people who don’t have a lot of funds to start their own business earn some money online with the help of their marketing skills. All you have to do in order to succeed in Bitdonix is to bring two other people into the program – and help them follow your example. After that, you can just watch your team grow!

Your earning potential is literally amazing here!


How does Bitdonix work?

The members of Bitdonix willingly donate to their Level X upline and, thus, “upgrade” their account to the Level X. That Level qualifies them for receiving the donations of the corresponding size from their Level X downline/referrals. For example, you need to send a Level 1 (0.05 BTC) donation to your direct (Level 1) sponsor to be able to receive the donations of the same size from your own direct (Level 1) referrals.

We heartily suggest you upgrade to the next Level as soon as your current Level has brought you enough profits for you to be able to afford that step up! That will serve you as a guarantee of not missing out on any of your referrals’ donations that they will be sending to you! On the other hand, also keep in mind that you will have 24 hours to donate after the registration.


Get Advertising Credits for your every Donation!

The donation of a certain Level that you send to your upline brings you a certain number of Ad Credits as follows:

  • Steel upgrade comes along with 1000 Text Ad Credits
  • Bronze upgrade comes along with 3000 Text Ad Credits and 3000 Banner Ad Credits
  • Silver upgrade comes along with 6000 Text Ad Credits, 6000 Banner Ad Credits and 150 Login Ad Credits
  • Gold upgrade comes along with 10000 Text Ad Credits, 10000 Banner Ad Credits and 300 Login Ad Credits
  • Platinum upgrade comes along with 12000 Text Ad Credits, 12000 Banner Ad Credits and 600 Login Ad Credits
  • Emerald upgrade comes along with 15000 Text Ad Credits, 15000 Banner Ad Credits and 1200 Login Ad Credits
  • Sapphire upgrade comes along with 18000 Text Ad Credits, 18000 Banner Ad Credits and 1500 Login Ad Credits
  • Diamond upgrade comes along with 20000 Text Ad Credits, 20000 Banner Ad Credits and 2000 Login Ad Credits

These Ad Credits will be added to your account every time you buy/renew an upgrade of yours! Therefore, you’ll get plenty of Ad Credits for promoting your other businesses at Bitdonix, every month!

How to make an upgrade of your account:


  1. Send your donation directly to the address of your upline’s Bitcoin wallet (which you can find on the “Upgrade” page at Bitdonix).
  2. Go to and paste your upline’s Bitcoin address into the Search field.
  3. Find the Hash ID (a long string of chars used for identifying every Bitcoin transaction) of your transaction, and copy it.
  4. Paste that Hash ID into the corresponding field at Bitdonix in order to “prove” that you’ve really sent that money to your sponsor.
  5. That’s it! Enjoy your referrals’ donations and the Ad Credits you’ve just received!

Here is an introductory video-presentation of Bitdonix:


As you can see, Bitdonix is a program with a huge earning and advertising potential! Believe us, the sooner you join our team, the bigger amount of money you’ll be able to earn.

Don’t hesitate to start making money online with the help of the Bitdonix program, clicking on the link below:

NOTE: Ignore the warning if you see something like this while registering, continue registering. This is what it should be:


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