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  • Status: Failed Business as there is no new sales, do not join!
  • Payment Processors: Bitcoin
  • Minimum Deposit: $20
  • Minimum Withdrawal: Automatic withdrawals on $20, $40, $160
  • Category: Matrix

What is Quartrix and how to make money online with Quartrix?

This Quartrix Review will help you understand Quartrix better.


QuartRix is a newly launched money-making program, which is, in fact, a Matrix based on Community Donations. It is a “traditional” Matrix system with an impressive re-entry element. Nevertheless, it has some unique features along with that.

All transactions are sent by members to QuartRix which are in turn sent out to members who complete their matrices. 100% of the funds are allocated to each position purchased within the system. The system is so transparent that they display the entire business structure in the members back office for all to see. This allows members to track and see everything that is going on unlike so many other matrix based businesses today.

Other than that, there are no any personal referral links in this program. Instead, all the members help each other’s positions progress in the Matrix, promoting the main link of the QuartRix website.

How QuartRix works?

QuartRix has come up with a series of 4 simple of 1×3 Matrices that “interlace” with each other. The entry cost is represented by a single one-time donation of $20 that creates your Matrix position and adds it to the very first 1×3 Matrix. Once three other people/positions enter that Matrix after you, your position is being upgraded to the second Matrix, and, in addition to that, you are given a new position that enters the Matrix you’ve just completed (Matrix 1, in this case). This process works the same with all the other Matrices!

Here is how you progress in the QuartRix system:

When your position completes Matrix 2 (i.e. when three other member positions enter Matrix 2), it enters Matrix 3, while you get one more position entering Matrix 2, and $20 worth of Bitcoin is sent directly to your Bitcoin wallet! When your position completes Matrix 3, it enters Matrix 4 (the final Matrix in QuartRix), and you get one more position entering Matrix 3 and, besides that you also receive $40 worth of Bitcoin!

When your position completes the final Matrix, it re-enters Matrix 4, and you get a whole lot of $160 worth of Bitcoin!
That’s it!

As you can see, 3 new positions are all it takes for your position to complete any 1×3 Matrix. And the best part of QuartRix is that one of those 3 positions is a re-entry position! So, practically, only 2 new positions need to enter a Matrix in order for your position to complete that Matrix level!

Below you can see all the details about the Pay Plan of QuartRix:


How to start making money online with QuartRix:

Everything is pretty simple.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Sign up at QuartRix
  2. Purchase a position worth $20 (Bitcoin only)
  3. Instantly create a support ticket containing your username at QuartRix and the address of your Bitcoin wallet, so that admin can rapidly and correctly find your position and add it to the system!

Also, do not hesitate to watch this short video to make yourself comfortable with QuartRix:

Join Quartrix, clicking on the link below:


We hope you enjoyed this Quartrix Review and it helps you to make money online with Quartrix.

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