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edigital wealth

  • Status: Paying
  • Payment Processors: Credit Cards, Bank Wire, Check, E-Payments
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  • Category: No-Risk, MLM, Affiliate Marketing
  • Referral Commission: Read below for more info
  • Our Trust Score: 9/10

What is e-Digital Wealth and why we decided to tell you about it?

This e-Digital Wealth Review will help you understand what kind of opportunity it is and will also explain you how to make money online with e-Digital Wealth!

e-Digital Wealth is a newly launched program with a highly lucrative compensation plan that works worldwide and offers some great earning opportunities to their both paid and free members! It resembles Digital Altitude and Easy1Up in some aspects.

A quick look at their Compensation Plan should give you the idea of how big can the harvest of promoting this program be! We can literally earn commissions on unlimited levels deep. We will be receiving commissions for as long as sales activity in our whole Affiliate Genealogy keeps occurring!

The good part is that we can earn daily commissions without investing anything out of our pocket in this program! And the best part is, you can earn these commissions, too.

edigital wealth

E-Digital Wealth Compensation Plan explained:

First of all, it should be noted that there are two kinds of commissions that you can earn from your downline at e-Digital Wealth, which are as follows:

  • Coded Commissions
  • Check Match Commissions

Let us explain both of them to you in the right order.

Coded Commissions:

This type of commissions is similar to the “Direct Sales” commissions that you receive from a product owner when you sell his products to someone.

As we all know, the term “Leg” is used in Multi-Level Marketing programs. It represents not only a certain affiliate, but the entire group of people under him. So, if you, for example, have 3 direct referrals, then, you have three “Legs”, so that each of them represents ALL the referrals on ALL levels under a certain referral of yours (including himself).

Now, here is the tricky thing about the Coded Commissions at e-Digital Wealth: some of your “Legs” are “commissionable” to you (you will receive commissions from them), and the other ones are not. The word “code” is used for identifying the product sales in one of your “Legs” that you will be earning commissions on.

Thus, whenever any of your referrals that are “coded” to you buys the “Money Now” product worth $100, you’ll be credited $50, and if he buys the $500 product (“Membership Millions/ P3:Purpose, Passion, Profit”) – you’ll earn a $150 Coded Commission!
Here is how it works:

  • Your 1-st, 3-rd and 5-th direct referrals/Legs are “coded” to you, and you will be the one profiting from the Coded Commissions coming from their purchases.
  • Your 2-nd, 4-th and 6-th Legs are “coded” to your upline, and it’s him who will be receiving the Coded Commissions from these Legs of yours.

edigital wealth

Therefore, each of the 2-nd, 4-th and 6-th Legs of your direct referrals is “coded” to you! Besides, the 2-nd, 4-th and 6-th Legs of your direct referrals is “coded” to you, too! This 2-4-6 pattern is the very thing that ensures you with being paid commissions down unlimited levels as long as sales activity keeps occurring!

And all that is possible without a single dollar invested from your own pocket: just find the people willing to buy one of the product from e-Digital Wealth – and get your Coded Commission!

Check Match Commissions:

While receiving Coded Commissions doesn’t require you to spend any money to benefit from it, Check Match Commissions demand some sort of “qualification”. But we’ll talk about that a bit later. Let’s get into the details of the Check Match Commissions structure, at first.
In fact, everything is pretty simple here: every time one of your personally enrolled affiliates receives a Coded Commission, you “match” that commission 100%. So, whenever one of your direct referrals earns a $50 Coded Commission – you earn a $50 Check Match Commission, and when he earns a $150 Coded Commission – you get a $150 Check Match Commission! Basically, you earn as much money in Check Match Commissions as ALL of your direct referrals combined earn in Coded Commissions!

For instance, if you have 6 direct referrals, and each of them has earned a $50 Coded Commission on their own referral’s purchase, then you’ll get a total of 6 * $50 = $300 as a Check Match Commission!

Qualification for receiving Check Match Commissions:

In order to be earning at a certain level of product you need to have at least 2 personal sales of that product. Thus, for earning Coded Commissions for your referrals’ $100/$500 purchases you’ll need to have at least 2 personal sales of the $100/$500 product accordingly.

Here is how you can achieve that “2 personal sales” milestone:

  • Either personally purchase the product and, then, sell it to one of your referrals
  • Or make two sales of that product to your referrals

Besides, you will need to make at least 1 retail product sale every 30 days in order to remain “qualified” for the Check Match Commissions. If you fail to make 1 product sale during the current 30-day period, you’ll lose the access to the Check Match earnings for the upcoming period.

Check Match Commissions are paid daily (14 days in arrears), are credited to your e-wallet and are not limited in any way! Other than that, you will need to be an active Affiliate of the e-Digital Wealth program in order to remain qualified for Check Matching.

Becoming an Affiliate requires you to agree to the “Terms and Conditions” of the e-Digital Wealth program and to pay a one-time admin fee of $45 and a monthly fee of $14.95. After that, remaining an active Affiliate will cost you just $14.95 a month.

edigital wealth

Contribution Profit Sharing Pool:

Embrace yourself, as there is, actually, one more type of commissions that e-Digital Wealth generously offers! E-Digital Wealth shares its profits from every retail sale made company wide and worldwide with their active Affiliates, based on their contribution to the program as follows:

  • Every retail purchase made by your direct referrals brings you (aside from the direct retail commission) the so-called “Contribution Index Points”, which are weighted from 1 to 13 based on the retail price of the purchased product.
  • Every month those points are being multiplied by their dollar value for that month, and are credited to your wallet. For example, if you have 20 CI points, and each point is currently worth $50, then, you will be paid 20x $50 = $1000 from the Contribution Profit Sharing Pool.

Isn’t it awesome?

These commissions are are paid monthly, and not daily.

Please watch this video to understand better what e-Digital Wealth is:

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Anyone who buys the $100 product until the midnight of the 2-nd of October will receive the $500 product, as well. You will be marked as a $500 user.

We believe that e-Digital Wealth is a program that deserves your attention and is worth spending your time at.

It has some unique features and a generous compensation plan, while the current Promo Offer makes this program a “hot pie” for all the marketers out there! So, hurry up with jumping in, too!

Sign up at e-Digital Wealth, clicking on the button below:

(“Register to the Hangout” button will direct you to signup page)

edigital wealth

We hope you enjoyed this e-Digital Wealth Review and it helps you to make money online with e-Digital Wealth.

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