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  • Payment Processors: Credit card (Visa + Mastercard), Bank Wire, Bitcoin
  • Minimum Deposit: –
  • Minimum Withdrawal: €20
  • Category: Revshare, Paid Review
  • Referral Commission: 5 Level Deep (8%, 4%, 3%, 2%, 1%)
  • RCB offered by Review Owner: 50% on your first deposit (please contact [email protected] for RCB requests)

What LikesXL is and why it has been decided to let you know about it: LikesXL Review


LikesXL is an online advertising platform and a shopping portal launched on the 19-th of October, 2015. It’s main purpose is to ease the process of advertising online and to help people create a stable and passive income stream that would bring them decent earnings on a monthly basis. In other words, LikesXL is a Revenue Sharing program that rewards its members for buying advertising on the site and, then, viewing other members’ ads on a daily basis. It retains just a small fraction of its profits to keep the platform going – and shares all the rest with the active owners of the so-called “Public Relations” (PR) Packs.

LikesXL is fully backed up by a huge Credit Card company called “EuropaCard”, and that’s why LikesXL doesn’t need to entrust any other payment processors with its money. Instead, the members of LikesXL can order a EuropaCard for just €30 – and get paid from LikesXL directly to that card (as well as use it like any other bank card: for purchases, transfers etc.)!

They say that some board members of EuropaCard have been in touch with Mike Deese (the CEO of MyAdvertisingPays) and many other RevShare owners for more than a year, carefully adopting their experience of managing a RevShare, in order to provide its future members with the best earning opportunity possible.

LikesXL claims to have partnered up with various giant companies like Mercedes, Volvo, Disney Worldwide, Universal Studios, Sony, Gucci, Prada, McDonald’s, Versace, Porsche and Audi that are willing to spend millions of dollars out of their advertising budget on paying the members of LikesXL for watching their ads and finding out about their offers.

Besides, LikesXL has even got its own Online Shop!

LikesXL clothing (on and design packages with personalized digital templates for Flyers, rollup banners and business cards are offered for sale there!


This platform has been thoroughly tested in Norway for more than 3 months, and  around 8k people have participated in testing it!

Here are all the ways of making money online with the help of LikesXL:

  • Generate more sales and gain more loyal customers, advertising your own business/products at LikesXL!
  • Buy PR Packs – and share the revenue of LikesXL for up to 120%!
  • Tell your friends about LikesXL – and enjoy massive Referral Commissions for up to 5 levels deep!

Now, let’s go through that list one by one, concentrating our attention on the PR Packs and the Affiliate Structure of LikesXL.

LikesXL memberships and fees

First of all, it ought to be told that there are four different memberships offered at LikesXL:

Green – €29.90 (per year)

Silver – €29 (per month)

Gold – €39 (per month)

Diamond – €55 (per month)

The main difference between all these memberships is the income potential that comes together with them. The maximum number of the active PR Packs you can have at the same time and the percentage you can earn in Referral Commissions differ from one membership to another.

Moreover, you’ll have to pay an additional fee of €60-180 (depending on how many levels in your downline you want to receive Referral Commissions from) for becoming an Affiliate.


Public Relations Packs and how they work

A PR Pack costs €50 and comes together with 1500 Advertising Views that can be used for targeting more qualitative eyeballs to your business or product. Every PR Pack is promised to bring you €0.35-1.20 a day and matures at 120% (€60). The maximum number of PR Packs you can buy fully depends on the type of your membership as follows:

Green – up to 50 PR Packs

Silver – up to 150 PR Packs

Gold – up to 300 PR Packs

Diamond – up to 900 PR Packs

Please, note that both your account membership and your PR Packs need to be “active” for you to continue sharing the profits of LikesXL every 30 minutes! Here is how you take care of all that:

  • Renew your membership as soon as it expires.
  • View 10 ads (20 seconds each) a day.

That’s it!

If you follow these simple steps, nothing will ever stop the earning stream coming from LikesXL to your pocket!


Affiliate structure and “downline fees”

LikesXL lets you benefit from earning a residual income in Referral Commissions for up to 5 levels deep in your downline!

However, the percentage you will receive in Referral Commissions and the number of levels in your downline that’ll be bringing you those commissions are determined by how much you have paid in “downline fees” and what kind of membership you own.

There are three different downline fees that you can choose to pay in order to qualify yourself for receiving Referral Commissions on the purchases of your referrals on certain level(-s):

  • The €60 downline fee will qualify you for receiving Referral Commissions on up to 3 levels deep
  • The €120 downline fee will qualify you for receiving Referral Commissions on up to 3 levels deep
  • The €180 downline fee will qualify you for receiving Referral Commissions on up to 3 levels deep

Referral Commissions represent a percentage of the funds spent by your referrals on PR Packs. Depending on the type of your membership, you will be receiving the following commissions:

Green – 4% on Level 1-2, 3% on Level 3, 2% on Level 4 and 1% on Level 5

Silver – 6% on Level 1, 4% on Level 2, 3% on Level 3, 2% on Level 4 and 1% on Level 5

Gold and Diamond – 8% on Level 1, 4% on Level 2, 3% on Level 3, 2% on Level 4 and 1% on Level

Here is a short video that’ll help you understand better what LikesXL is in its essence: 

You can see the payment proofs of LikesXL here:

likesXL payment proofs likesXL payment proofs

In conclusion we would like to say that LikesXL looks like a decent RevShare program which it’s worth to take a closer look at. Hopefully, it’ll turn out to be a good investment option in the long run!

Don’t hesitate to start making money online with the help of LikesXL right away! Click on the link below to create your account at LikesXL:

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3 thoughts on “LikesXL

  • Another one waiting to be shut down by The SEC, if it’s a USA based revenue share opportunity then it’s only inevitable they will get funds seized and shut down. This seems to be the pattern now with rev shares

    • Totally useless comment, as LikesXL is not based in USA!
      And don’t think the SEC already won against Traffic Monsoon (nothing is over, nothing and this is completely arbitrary) and more, that all revenue sharing companies will be shut down by the SEC for this reason also.

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