• Status: Paying
  • Payment Processors: Depend on your upline’s preferred payment processors. Ours are Payza, Bitcoin, Advcash, Payeer, OkPay and STP.
  • Minimum Deposit: $25 (actually, no deposit is being made to the site. Read below for more information)
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $25 (again, there is no withdrawal option on the site – you will be paid directly. Read below for more information)
  • Category: Affiliate Marketing, MLM, No-Risk
  • Referral Commission: 100%
  • RCB Offer: 20% of your purchase
  • Our Trust Score: 9/10


What Easy1Up is and how to make money online with it: Easy1Up Review

Easy1Up is one of the latest affiliate marketing opportunities and it is getting more and more popular. Peter Wolfing is the owner of the website. They offer 100% referral commissions on your product sales. This will be the “easiest” money that you have ever made!

We have decided to introduce this website to our followers, as there is no risk involved in this program, because:

  • The money is transferred between users, and is not stored on the site.
  • There is a 10% admin fee that is being taken when a sale of a product takes place, so, the admin is also making money from the sales, and it would be illogical for him to close this site.

What are the products/courses and how much do they cost?

  • Elevation: $25 + $5 Admin Fee
  • Elevation Elite: $100 + $10 Admin Fee
  • Vertex: $250 + $25 Admin Fee 
  • Vertex Elite: $500 + $50 Admin Fee
  • Vertex Pro: $1000 + $100 Admin Fee

In order to earn commissions for selling the products of Easy1Up, you need to own them yourself, at first. These are all one-time fees.

According to your financial status, you can purchase any product that fits your budget. However, you shouldn’t forget that the Vertex Pro is including all the other products and, thus, greatly increases your potential commissions. Better go for Vertex Pro, if you can.

Doing so, you will not miss any single commission on your referrals’ purchases!


How does it work?

Let’s say you want to purchase the Vertex Elite product for $500 in order to start making an infinite number of $500 commissions from your referrals. You will need to send the money to your sponsor’s preferred payment processor and not to the website. How awesome is that?

Your sponsor will instantly get 100% of that sum directly to his payment processor, and you will also be getting 100% commissions on your referrals’ purchases, as well. Then, your upline will mark you as “paid”. After that, you will need to pay the admin fee (which is $50 for Vertex Elite).

There are NO other hidden fees or costs apart from these two! 

What you need to do is to register your preferred payment details to Easy1Up by following the path:  My Account > My Profile > Custom Payment Information

Afterwards, you will be able to begin the promotion of your affiliate link – and start earning 100% commissions on the purchases made by your downline! Your referrals, in their turn, will also purchase the products to start earning affiliate commissions.This is how this whole system works!

As easy as 1-2-3.

You should keep in mind two more things:

  • The second sale closed by your referral is passed up to you, and that means that you will be earning commissions on his/her purchases, as well, as if he/she was referred to Easy1Up by you!
  • Bringing in just 1 “paid” referral, you will break even, getting back the money that you have spent on the product of your choice!

We will pay back 20% of your product purchase as RCB whoever joins our team.

In order to take the advantage of being our referral in this great program, click on the link below to sign up at Easy1Up:


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