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  • Status: SCAM, do not join!
  • Payment Processors: Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, Payza, Bitcoin
  • Minimum Deposit: $15
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $0.3
  • Category: High-Risk, HYIP
  • Referral Commission: 10%
  • RCB we offer: 50% of your first deposit
  • Our Trust Score: 7/10

What is “Lara With Me” and why we’ve decided to let you know about it?

“Lara With Me” is considered to be a HYIP (High Yield Investment Program), and, honestly, that’s an appropriate description for this program, as it offers a fixed ROI over the short-term. They offer 3% daily profit. It is true that such a ROI can’t be sustainable for a program over the long-term. However, everything doesn’t end there, as “Lara With Me” is not a “usual” HYIP-program – and that’s the main reason why you are on the path of discovering it right now!

This Lara With Me Review will help you understand what kind of opportunity it is and will also explain you how to make money online with Lara With Me!

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In simple words, “Lara With Me” is the “HYIP of HYIPs”! Why do we say so?

That is because of the “business model” of the program: the experienced financial managers of “Lara With Me” carefully invest the incoming money in various high-risk start-ups and online ventures  – and that’s what generates the profits that are used to repay the investors of “Lara With Me” (at least, that’s what the administration of the program tells to their members). In fact, this program may work as a Ponzi scheme and may shut down anytime. So, you shouldn’t invest here more than you can afford to lose.

Now, let’s talk about the “story” of “Lara With Me”…

“Lara” is claimed to be an “interactive robot” which is able to communicate with you, and even generate you 3% of your deposit on a daily basis. Lara’s goal is to provide you with a comfortable and wealthy life which you can spend traveling, exploring our planet and yourself, discover or create something new and, in general, do whatever you want, while she “takes care of the rest”. “Lara With Me” is based on the highly secured cloud-based instant messaging service called Telegram (and this is, probably, the only aspect that we can be sure about when talking about “Lara With Me”), which is focused on its users’ privacy and the speed of the communication between them (more information about Telegram can be found on Wikipedia).


How “Lara With Me” works and how you can make money online using it?

The business model (in case it’s a real one and is not used just to raise the hype around this program) is extremely simple: we deposit our money to our “Lara With Me” account, the financial experts of the program use that money to invest in various high-profitable (and, therefore, very risky) ventures and start-ups – and, then, share their profits with us. So, we could say that “Lara With Me” works as a fund that concentrates its investments in the HYIP-sphere of the market, if the information about their business model isn’t faked, of course.

Here are the programs that have been chosen by the Administration of “Lara With Me” to invest in, using the money deposited by us into the program (note: only investors with $500+ in deposits have the access to this information):

lara with me portfolio

The ways of profiting from working with “Lara With Me”:

  • Investing your own money into the program!
  • Referring other people to the program – and receiving 10% on all of their investments!

Are you a newbie in HYIPs and, therefore, don’t know how to find out whether a HYIP can be trusted or not and what strategy you should use in order not to lose your money in such a program?

Don’t worry, Lara is ready to take care of all that for you! Using the most advanced security and data protection tools, “Lara With Me” calls itself the most stable and powerful way of earning a passive income for lifetime!

Here is a small guide on how you can become an investor of “Lara With Me”:

First of all, you’ll need to click the “Activate” button which will direct you to the launching form of the Telegram app where you’ll be able to either log into your existing Telegram account (if you’re a registered user) or install the app on your device (or just use the web version of the app) and, then, create your account. Once you’re into your Telegram account, simply click the “Start” button on the window of your conversation with Lara – and follow the instructions that she’ll provide you with then. You need to do these processes with your mobile phone, not with your PC. There is no register/login in web version of the site. Everything is controlled via Telegram mobile app.

Once you’re into your Telegram account, simply click the “Start” button on the window of your conversation with Lara – and follow the instructions that she’ll provide you with then.

After 24 hours have passed since your money was invested (the minimum sum for investing is $10), you’ll start receiving 3% daily for lifetime! Yeah, you’ve got that right: your “shares” in the program won’t ever “expire”/”mature”, and you’ll be getting 3% on all of your investments for lifetime!


As we have mentioned earlier, there is another way of earning at “Lara With Me”, which is promoting the system to the others. You can start benefiting from a 10% commission on all of the investments made by your referrals!

All in all, we can say that even if “Lara With Me” is a HYIP, you can still make money with it fully passive and automatic. Moreover, if its business plan isn’t faked and it really has some experienced financial managers investing the deposited money in other programs, then the chances are that it’ll manage to surprise us by the amount of time it’ll continue to work!

Beware that you invest your money in “Lara With Me” at your own risk! All in all, this is a ponzi HYIP and may close anytime.

Don’t forget to take the full advantage of working at “Lara With Me”, singing up there using our referral link, as we’ll gladly send you 50% of the Referral Commissions we’ll get from your initial investment.

In order to take advantage of being our referral, click on the link below to register under us: (You’ll need to click on our referral link using your phone (and not your PC) once you’ve downloaded the Telegram app)!

Anyways, if you, by any chance, fail to get into our downline, you can always become our referral at “Lara With Me” manually, following these simple steps inside your “Lara With Me” account:

Click the “MENU” button. Then, click on “SET MY UPLINE” and, after that, enter our ID (which is “269199253”) into the appropriate field.

We hope you enjoyed this Lara With Me Review and it helps you to make money online with Lara With Me.

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