10 thoughts on “My Ad Story

  • For MAS Narrator & MAS Storyteller packs is from 1-3%, but the great thing is you can get 6-8% on MAS Novelist to grow your account quickly.

  • Hi Peter, YES we offer 50% as RCB. Once you have signed up and invested, you can post here asking for your RCB or anyway we will contact you.

  • Hi, @makeadprofit, please let us know your “user name, amount invested, and how you would like to get your RCB”.

  • @fuadiansyah, The external income is generated via Digital Marketing, MYFIVEPAY is the first site created with this income, Check the review and you will find MYFIVEPAY. Have you head about the OCTOPUS?, well 8 Arms or External sources will be added to sustain and give stability to Myadstory.

  • @makeadprofit, For 5 dollar we will get 40 cents, therefore your RCB will be 20 cents. (Paid only via bitcoin). Remember to post here asking for your RCB once you have purchased packs.

Comment below if you ask for help, RCB request or just to share your thoughts...

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