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What is Skinny Body Care and how to make money online with Skinny Body Care: Skinny Body Care Review

skinny body care

Skinny Body Care is a company that was founded by an experienced network marketing leader and entrepreneur Ben Glinsky in 2011. Skinny Body Care has brought together the top formulators in the industry with the greatest entrepreneurs in the world in order to create excellent products and let people earn by helping the company in selling those products. The company is fully concentrated on developing brand new products and giving the “little guy” an opportunity to benefit from working together with the company – and even retire with it!

The products:

Being committed to helping people regain youth and a healthy life, Skinny Body Care has created a number of high-qualitative products that satisfy its buyers with REAL results! Made from the purest natural ingredients that have been harvested from the most pristine places on our planet, the top-notch products of the Skinny Body Care company are being seen as one of the most innovative and unique things in this industry!

skinny body care

Skinny Body Care going green:

The company believes that a healthy environment is truly beneficial to everything that comes from it, and, thus, tries to “live a green life”. It includes harvesting the raw materials for its products from the most pristine places in our planet, packaging the products in recyclable bottles that cause less “damage” to the nature, working from home instead of having an offline office that’d cause additional costs and environmental pollution etc.

Due to the fact that the company “works from home”, it benefits from it in a lot of other domains, as well. For example, it can hire the best staff from all around the world rather than to be “tied” to the local area of its offline office. Besides, the staff of the company is very happy about not being forced to waste any money on gas or transportation (in order to get to the office) and on dressing up.


Skinny Body Care holds numerous offline meetings and is dedicated to transforming the people that come to those meetings into true leaders who will help the company achieve even greater results!

Besides, various Conference Calls and Webinars are being held by the top team leaders and the very CEO of the company in order to take care about every person willing to cooperate with Skinny Body Care.

Get a product for FREE:

As a Preferred Customer, you are offered one free product every month you introduce 3 other people to the company! Thus, not only you, but all of your dearest friends and relatives will have the possibility of trying 100% natural and highly effective products – and regain joy and youth in life!

What could be better than helping your friends live a healthier life and benefiting from a FREE product each month yourself?

How to make money with Skinny Body Care?

What could be more pleasant than earning commissions together with making other people happier and healthier? Well, that’s exactly what you’re offered at Skinny Body Care!

You can earn a stable income, telling your friends about all the amazing products and business opportunity offered by the company, becoming a Distributor!

Now, Skinny Body Care offers a very generous Compensation Plan with PLENTY of different rewards for being an active Distributor and promoting this business to the other people.

Here are all the rewards that you can receive for being a Distributor of Skinny Body Care:

Note: every product of the company has a certain Business Volume (BV) associated with it, and the Compensation Plan rewards are based on that Business Volume!

  • Fast Start Enroller Bonuses:

You will earn a massive 40% commission on the first order of every new Preferred Customer or Distributor brought in by you.

Besides, you will earn an additional 10% on your every direct (1-Level) Customer’s purchase, what means that you will get a total of 50% on your own customers’ initial orders!

  • Fast Start Commissions:

All Distributors start benefiting from a 3-Level Commission Structure at the very beginning – and can reach a whole 6-Level Commission Structure for their dedication and hard work!

  • Fast Start Coded Infinity Generational Overrides:

Besides the Fast Start Commissions described earlier, you can get commissions on ALL the people who have joined your Enroller Tree – up to an infinite level in depth, as you advance in rank!

Starting from being a Platinum member, you will be getting an additional 2% on all the volume of your Enroller Tree within the same rank. For example, if you’re a Platinum member with nobody in your team having a higher rank, then you will be earning 2% on ALL the volume of your Enroller Tree, in addition to the Fast Start Commissions!

In simple words, this reward qualifies you for an additional 6% on every initial order in your entire organization!

  • Monthly Enroller Bonuses:

After the initial order has been purchased by your direct Customers and Distributors, you will be getting 10% on all of their future orders. Besides, you will be getting an additional 10% on every Customer and Distributor placed on your first level, which makes your total commission on all the orders after the first one a whole 20%!

  • Residual Commissions:

The commissions on all additional orders (after the initial one) placed by your new Customers and Distributors each month are being paid to you in the form of Residual Commissions.

Thus, Distributors receive Residual Commissions on up to 10 levels in depth (in their organization), as they advance in their rank!

Explore the details of different ranks here.

  • Infinity Matching Bonuses:

On top of all the commissions described earlier, you can also match a certain percentage of ALL the commissions earned by EVERY person in your organization – every month!

7 Generations of matching bonuses let you match up to 40% of your direct Distributors’ Residual Commissions and up to 20% of the commissions of EVERY person in your ENTIRE organization!

  • Golden Pool:

In order to reward the most active leaders in the company that continue to bring in new Customers and Distributors, 3% of the Business Volume of each and every initial order goes into the Golden Pool and is shared between all the Gold Ranked leaders who bring in at least 5 new “paid” members  each month. Each Distributor can qualify himself for up to 1 share in the Golden Pool each month.

  • Rank Achievement Bonuses:

Besides being the most rewarding company in such Affiliate payments as Fast Start Bonuses, Residual Commissions, and Coded Infinity Generational Overrides, Skinny Body Care has come up with the most exciting Rank Achievement Bonuses in the industry, as well!

Once you qualify yourself for any rank higher or equal to Gold for three consecutive months, you will receive a $250 – $300,000 commission in cash!

You can watch this video to understand better how it works:

To summarize:

All in all, Skinny Body Care is a great company with a business-minded and reliable CEO who cooperates with the most experienced formulators in order to create the best products – and let other people benefit from telling their friends about those products!

Don’t hesitate to try the high-qualitative products of the company yourself – and start helping your friends improve their health and financial situation, telling them about the Skinny Body Care company!

This is a unique business that is still unknown to a lot of people, who can become your own customers and partners!

Click on the link below, reserve your position at Skinny Body Care for FREE – and start getting huge referral commissions!

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