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  • Status: Paying
  • Payment Processors: Bitcoin
  • Minimum Deposit: $500 worth of BTC
  • Minimum Withdrawal: 0.01 BTC
  • Category: Cloud Mining, Low-Risk
  • Referral Commission: 5%
  • RCB we offer: 50% on your first pool purchase of the $500 pool because, Bitclub does not give commissions if we dont have high pools and we currently have first pool, which is $500.
  • Our Trust Score: 8/10

bitclub network

What BitClub Network is and how to make money online with BitClub Network: BitClub Network Review

BitClub Network is one of the largest Bitcoin mining pools in the world and, besides of that, it is a company that offers us, the opportunity to become its “shareholders” and start receiving daily “dividends” as Bitcoin. It is part of their profits from mining Bitcoins. The founder of the company is Russ Medlin, who dedicated his life into marketing and bitcoin:

russ medlin

Now, we do realize that there are a lot of scam programs out there, which are just “masking” their true “nature” by claiming that they earn via “Cloud Mining”. However, we have been thoroughly researching BitClub Network for quite some time before presenting it to you, and we believe that it is a legit company, with existing offline mining equipment and real results. 

Let us show you why we’ve come to this conclusion:

Firstly, we can track (in the real time!) the hashing power of the BitClub mining pool on the website of their pool:

And that’s not a single way of “tracking” the pool!

For example, BlockChain, literally, demonstrates us that the BitClub mining pool is one of the biggest pools in the whole mining industry (holding around 2% of the total computational power of the Bitcoin network) and it is real:

bitclub network

At the same time, BlockTrail keeps the record of all “blocks” found by the BitClub mining pool so far:

From these proofs, it can be easily understand that BitClub Network is doing real bitcoin mining, it not a Ponzi scheme cloud mining website.

Secondly, they not only sell mining equipment to their users, but also let regular miners point their existing mining equipment to their pool, offering them some really cool advantages, like ZERO mining fees and regular payments for the work (mining) they do as a part of the pool to their own BitClub Network Debit Card!

Here is how that Debit Card looks:

bitclub network debit card

They have distributed 2 batches of this card before, and now they will dispatch the 3rd batch. We will certainly get our cards when they re-start sending it.

Thirdly, there are PLENTY of photos and videos all over the net, which prove that BitClub Network DOES have real mining farms:

bitclub network

bitclub network

Their newly-created mining facility in Reykjavik, Iceland looks really astonishing:

bitclub network iceland

And you can watch the video of the mining pool here:

Fourthly, all the “shareholders” of BitClub Network can, literally, receive their “share” in the form of the mining equipment, corresponding to the value of their purchase, by requesting mining hardware to be shipped to their house! However, if you choose to do so, then your “share” in BitClub Network will no longer receive a part of the total profits of the company because your mining equipment will be pulled out of their farm and will be shipped to you straight away and, besides, you’re responsible for all shipping and transport fees!

All in all, the very existence of such a “buy-out” option shows that the company works with true mining equipment, and, thus, bases its profits on real mining!

In order to start to make money online at BitClub Network, you’ll need to pay a one-time $99 “membership fee”, that will give you access to all the features of the site, including buying the shares of the company.

We’re really serious about BitClub Network, as we believe that it’s a legit company and investing in it means investing in our bright future! But still, it is not 100% safe. That is why it is in low-risk category not, no-risk category.

These are all our evaluation.

So, we’ve started our journey at Bitclub Network with $599 ( $99 one-time membership fee and $500 for a mining contract). You can take a closer look at our investment here:

bitclub bitclub

By paying the one-time membership and buying shares, you will also receive their own CryptoCoin called “Club Coin” for FREE.


club coin

You can easily convert this coin into Bitcoin or in USD at Bittrex. This is an extra for you, for just being a part of Bitclub Network.

To start earning daily Bitcoins from Bitclub Network, you need to go to “Store” page and then pay the one-time fee and buy the mining shares you want:


bitclub mining shares

Each Pool will earn you Bitcoins for 600 Days long!

In your first 10 days, you will not get any bitcoins. This is for the preparation of your mining equipment to be involved in the mining pool. They are getting ready your equipment into the pool in that time. But don’t worry, they are adding that 10 days into the 600 days. So, you will get daily Bitcoin Payments for 610 days in total.

Daily earnings percentage is not certain, it totally depends on the bitcoin that will be generated. But it is around 0.2%-0.45%/day.

You can also choose to re-purchase your earnings and buy partial shares.

This is not a short-term website to make money online. It requires patience and long-term relationship. Don’t forget that you are investing in your future.

You can see our own payment proofs of Bitclub Network here:

Bitclub Network Payment Proofs

To sum up:

Among lots of bitcoin cloud mining sites, we believe that Bitclub Network is the one who does real mining, not a Ponzi scheme type cloud mining website.

We will gladly help you get to the “Break Even Point” faster with our regular RefBack-offer on Bitclub Network. Depending on your first pool purchase, we will pay you back instantly 50% of the referral commission. Just let us know with a comment under this post and send a mail to “[email protected]

Therefore, you will greatly benefit if you choose to join Bitclub as our referral.

You can register to Bitclub Network here:

Come get your share of daily Bitcoin, or somebody else will!

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