Interview with CIick Intensity CEO: Nick Johnson

click intensity interview

Hi all.

As Earn With Me, we are here with the CEO of Click Intensity, Nick Johnson. Click Intensity was a site that we have been promoting since its pre-launch, and we wanted to contribute further with an interview with the CEO of the company.

We suggested to do an interview with him, and he kindly accepted it. It is a question and answer interview. We managed to obtain really nice information about both Nick and CI. We hope that all Click Intensity users enjoy it and know Nick Johnson and Click Intensity better.

click intensity interview

SERCAN: Nick, first of all congratulations upon such a great launch and thanks for your time to interview with me about “Click Intensity”. Let’s start with the beginning. People wonder:
-Who are you?
-What is your main occupation?
-Were you a marketer before opening your own revshare?
Please, tell us about yourself and your past.

NICK: Nick Johnson is your average “Tech Geek” who has spent last 2 decades of his life in working with “Top Level Management” positions in various IT firms across the globe.

No, I have never been a marketer in my life.

SERCAN: Glad to meet you again, Nick. 🙂

We were really excited in the pre-launch process, because people were rushing into Click Intensity, huge number of people registered during pre-launch and the number still grows like crazy. Where do you see your company in a year from now? You know, there are lots of competitors such as Traffic Monsoon, Fort Ad Pays and etc. How do you plan to beat them?

NICK: We do see ourselves hitting at least a million members in 12 months from now and having a huge array of fantastic advertising products to offer to our massive ever growing user base.

We are not here to beat anyone but rather to improve ourself 1% everyday and that is 100% improvement in 100 days. That has been our motto from day-1 and we will keep it up that way for the rest of our lives.

Japanese call this “Kaizen Principle” i.e 1% improvement everyday.

click intensity interview

SERCAN: Wonderful! That is a great way to improve oneself.

There are other things I am going to ask but first let me express my thoughts on your success before pre-launch and after launch. The first reason why it was a huge launch was that you were backed up by big team leaders such as Ankur, Angelo, Martin and so on. Were you in touch with them before launch, especially with Ankur? And the second reason was that you educated people with the help of Tara Mish in the training page on how to bring more people into your business. That is a very nice idea. How can you explain your success?

NICK: We have a board of directors here in Click Intensity and hence huge talent and connections inside the company. We have always believed in the philosophy of getting the best people from various walks of life to get the work done !

So while we were forming our dream team , when it comes to marketing – Through one of our contacts we were able to reach to Mr.Ankur Agarwal and help him understand the vision of what we have to offer in Click Intensity and to our good fortune he agreed .

Similarly for “Personal Development”, “Communication with Reps” on daily basis which is an integral part of running a successful company – We reached out to Tara Mish who has been doing this for year and thankfully she agreed, too 🙂

SERCAN: Do you plan to organize live events where CI users can meet each other or even see you in real life at the events?

NICK: Yes, this is being worked on and already our top leaders have started to travel and arrange mini events

I am sure in 90 days from now we will be big enough to start having massive events around the world where our top leaders , Tara etc will make their presence felt.

As Far as myself , I am a very shy person naturally and like to spend my days sitting behind a computer desk but will try to make it to a couple of events every year though it’s totally out of my comfort zone 🙂

click intensity interview

SERCAN: We will be honored to see you in the events at least once a year. 🙂 About the legality of the site, there is still no “Terms of Service” in the website. Will it be added later on? Can we say Click Intensity is still in beta?

NICK: Yes this is being worked upon.

We are 100% in beta right now.

SERCAN: Oh, cool. Everything will be regular when CIick Intensity is out of beta, for sure. I want to ask about the future while we are reach the end of our interview.

What are your future plans on CI business model? Will you add some more features that will make this business model more sustainable, such as external revenue sources?

NICK: Yes, that’s our major focus in 30 days from now.

Our ultimate goal in next 90 days to 180 days is to have over 100 advertising/online products which are non revenue sharing and hence can add on to increasing the bottomline of corporate and make the model fully sustainable though as per our current calculations everything is as per the plan.

SERCAN: That is awesome, I am happy to hear your future plans. Your plans seem very promising.

Thanks for your time Nick, it was a pleasure to talk with you. Your answers were so inspiring and encouraging for Click Intensity users.

I, personally, believe that this interview will help lots of members to get a better understanding of Click Intensity and will surely raise trust on you and your company.

As Earn With Me team, we wish you lots of success on your business.

Thank you.

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