Best Paid Traffic Sources

best traffic sources

In this article, we will share with you our Internet Marketing experience about the best traffic sources that convert into customers, referrals, leads and sales well. Normally, people charge hundreds of dollars for e-books to reveal such kind of valuable content. But you will have access to it for free here in this article. You can think this as a gift to Earn With Me participants.

At the end of this article, you will learn the best traffic sources and if you apply them into your business/affiliate links, you will certainly get what you want.

First of all, what is traffic and the importance of traffic?

Basically, traffic is the visit to your website or to your affiliate link. By clicking on this post’s link, you have already brought us a traffic. If you did not click on this link, you would not see our article and that would be meaningless for us to write this article in case nobody saw it. So, did you understand the importance of traffic?

Traffic is the tool that connects “the content” with “the readers”. In other words, it connects your “potential referrals” with your “business”. In order to show your links to hundreds of thousands of people, you need to get traffic. Without traffic, nobody will see it and register to it.

We are getting mostly organic traffic from search engines into Earn With Me, but from time to time, we are buying traffic for it. We will reveal you the best traffic sources that we have bought before.

What are the best paid traffic sources?

You should not forget that not all traffic sources works. Most of them are trash and you only waste your hope, time and money.

In order your traffic to work, you need to expose others to your business as long as possible and in a forced way if possible. Some of the traffic services offer these type of forced view advertisements. By saying forced view, we mean that while users are watching your advertisement, they will not be able to change tabs and look somewhere else. They will be forced to view your ad and this type of advertising works best. Think of the advertisements on TVs, the most expensive advertisements are the ones when watchers are waiting for their favorite program to start and when they do not even change the channel, when there is only 20 seconds left. Like this example, forced view ads are gold! Some of the good services:

1-ClixsenseThey offer paid-to-click and clixgrid advertisement types. Both of them are forced views and when compared to other services, cost per click is lower in Clixsense. We generally prefer to advertise on clixgrid in clixsense because we can get around 1000 unique visits per day and each users visits our site for at least 5 seconds after the site fully loads.

earn with me

The price of the clixgrid service is:

clixsense advertisement price

At the beginning, we can advice you to try it for 7 days with $6. You can also advertise on Clixsense fixed paid-to-click advertisement for whole day long. Your advertisement will get thousands of forced views for 24 hours. Depending on the quality of your advertisement, you may get around 40-70 referrals into your business. Its price for one day long is:


2-Neobux: They are also offering forced view type of advertisement. There is only paid-to-click advertisement. Neobux PTC Ad features are like this:


Neobux also offers fixed advertisements. Your ad will be shown to users for at least 12 hours and the price of it is $60. And again depending on the quality of your link, you may get around 70-100 leads/referrals/costomers etc. As Earn With Me, we generally buy fixed ptc advertisement from Neobux:

neobux ptc adsneobux ptc ads

3-AdHitz: Unlike the other ones above, Adhitz is in fact an ad network not a paid-to-click company. When you advertise on Adhitz, you only pay for impressions that convert to click-throughs. By this way, you can save money on traffic that does not convert. As an advice, do not advertise on whole network, instead choose a specific site that has huge daily hits, and users. And, go for “Pay Per Click Text Ads”. Those are the ones that converts well and its price is as low as $0.05 per click. You will only pay when your text ad is clicked.

4-Udimi: You can buy solo ads from Udimi. Those are high-quality traffic from e-mails. You can search and find some good solo ad sellers.

These advertisement sites are the ones whose service works well and converts into referrals when compared to other advertisement services. By using these sites, it will be easier for you to make money online.

You can also comment below and share your experience about working advertisement sites. We hope you benefit from this article and find lots of referrals.

Thank you.

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