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  • hello good day, sorry I have not sign up with you for fort ad pays. however, what you think about amazing 5 and double dare revenue DDR can you do a review of them. thanks

  • Hi,
    We are not doing reviews per order. Amazing5 is a pure ponzi scheme that is reaching its end. Instead, we introduced PayGet, you can see it in High-Risk Category. PayGet is also a ponzi scheme but at least, it is newly launched. So, it is safer to try your luck if you want HYIPs.

    In DDR, we have never been interested in it.

  • im interested to join. but wanted to know how it briefly works… if i join with 50dollar .. what is my ending up to the last day.

  • recently FAP is not giving any withdrawals to its members. so is it a hint that it would closed down soon?

  • Its like fortadpays are no longer paying. I made a withdrawal more than a week ago and its yet to be paid.

  • They are in a transition period, they reduced the adpack earnings into 120%, as well.

    Lets wait for it.

    If they do not pay for 10 days more, we will update its status into “Paying with delays”.

  • daily earning is 1% or less now. mature days would be 120 days and It makes big different ( much slower) than before now. smell fishy……….

  • They made a mistake by offering 220% return.

    Now, they are trying to fix their past mistakes.

    We believe it will be better like this. Slowliness is better in revshares.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

  • Thank you for the brilliant and thorough presentation. You definitely cleared up a lot of points. There are however a couple which I have in mind that I would like to ask you.

    1. How does Payza work with transactions between Paypal and US or EU bank accounts?
    2. If I should like to cash out completely and no longer work with FAP what happens to my initial investment? Initial investment will be large so I would like to know this for certain, or if you can’t answer where can I be redirected for the answer.
    3. You mention that they are trying to fix some things regarding the % paid and the time frame. So what can we realistically expect from them now?
    4. You made mention of a possibility to advertise when you purchase shares. I have a website so how would this benefit me aside from the obvious gains made via the link sharing?

    As an serious investor I would not like to hold up cash that can be used in other quadrants, but rather look for both liquid and long term investments. The main concern is that I will have the money tied up for a while, and that the return will be lengthy and not worth the time or effort.

    Thank you for your time and excellent information.

  • Hey, thanks for asking. Let’s go one by one.

    1- Payza sends withdrawal requests into bank accounts, visa cards, bitcoin etc. For more information you need to visit Payza site and read their FAQ page. It may depend on where you live.
    2- You cannot take your initial money back whenever you want, you need to wait for your shares to mature. Let’s suppose, you bought $1000 worth of shares, your daily earnings will be around 1%. So, you will get $10/day and 50% of it will go to re-purchase balance. You need to wait for the maturity of your shares.
    3- Yes, they are struggling to make the site more sustainable. They were offering 220% return on each shares in the past, now it is 120% with still 50% re-purchase rule. Daily earnings are under 1%, which will make them more sustainable for sure. Realistically, they are doing everything that they can to keep the site paying, changing rules, changing percentages etc., which is good for the system. Hopefully, they will continue to pay in future, but not guaranteed of course. Hope you are aware of the risks of this industry.
    4- For each share that you buy, they are giving you credits/visit that you can use to advertise your site. Actually, this is what all revshares do. People buy advertisement not investments. You can use those credits to get traffic into your site. Other users will visit your site for 10 seconds.

    Hope, these extra info helps you understand the system better. Although they are struggling to keep paying, they are also trying to fix the parts that do not work. It is still a site that we can advise but if you want, you can wait a little bit more by monitoring it whether they are OK to invest or not.

    It is up to you.

    Thank you.

  • Awesome thank you for that in depth reply. Will continue to monitor. Beer of luck on your endeavours.

  • Hi Admin , i joined fortadpays through you, but haven’t received any 50% back, tried to contact you but to no avail, i joined one month ago, i bought 4000 adpack and i have 5000 now, the reason i joined was because you presented it well where it was still giving 220% return , but since i joined it has just changed to 125% which is a bit disappointing. Had it changed before i joined, i would have just put £400 and buy more into other who offer at least 2% daily return.

  • Hi Admin,thanks for your reply, my processor is Payza, my payza account is : nkounkoublessing@googlemail.com. can you advise on the best strategy on fortadpays . As i said i joined under you when it was giving a 220% return, but after i joined, weeks later, they have reduced it to 125% and extended the maturity from 3 months to 5 months? i have just reached 5000 adpaks 2 days ago now, just under one month with fordadpays, but still earning between 30 and 40 dollar daily. i have been doing 100% repurchase for the past month and wants to do so at least for 6 months in order to have my money back after 3 months? what do you think ?

  • We have processed your payment into your payza account

    they are still struggling to survive, payments are delaying for a while. The best advice would be not to repurchase but start to withdraw your seed money.

    Not only for FAP, but for all the programs you joined.

    Try to get back your seed money ASAP. And then, you can go on with your profits.

    Hopefully, in the next months, FAP will be better and be more sustainable.

    We just need to be patient.

    Have a great day/night.

  • Hi Admin, thanks for your advice and thanks for the RCB payment, i think that is what i will do from now on,especially with Fortadpays, will start withdrawing my daily cash balance, it will take me around 6 months and half to have my money back as the daily cash balance is between 20 and 30 dollar, sometimes 17 dollar from 5000 Adpacks, but it is worth doing. which best revshare program do you think is good and consistent right now ? Thanks

  • Hi I have an account with Fort Ad Pays its a free account but I don’t know how to add funds from my Payza account and get started, and because I’m from the UK the figures are a bit confusing in dollars?

  • Does this mean Fort Ad Pays are in trouble? and what’s click intensity and how does that work, how much money will I make with it?

  • Hello, I just wonder how long it will take for FAP to validate my application. My profile is still pending. It is almost a month now. Im a paid member and they havent validated my account yet. Need your advise. thank you

  • I’ll be happy to join but I’ve no idea how it’s work and how many interest I’ll get daily

  • dear admin
    what is the trouble with FAP is it effective for the future of FAP. you ca’nt see history of old adfacs .

    i registered edentrqffic under your link but i did not care some time but when i consider it i understood that it also same type of TM what will be it’s future if i invest because competitor is now not there.

  • Hi Somadasa,

    FAP reset the old adpacks, and we cannot catch up with their changes, they change their rules every day.

    About Eden Traffic:

    Strangely enough, they kept paying even after paypal freezed their account. Please wait for Eden Traffic to get back to normal.

  • dear admin
    i appreciate your kind reply dont forget that i am always be with you
    thank you

  • Hello, Are there maintenance issues with FordAdPays at the moment ? As I am unable to buy adpacks from my wallet-1 and also its saying my wallet – 1 is not ready for withdrawl. Is it frozen or undergoing changes ?

  • I see – Admin Does Not Allow New Withdrawal Requests On Saturday(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & even Sunday). Please Come Back Some Other Day

    So what there is no more withdrawl at all ? Also payza is been removed from the payment processors list and I only see coinpayments and advanced cash, so should i register with them and buy funds through them from here on ?

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