100% RCB Promotion

We have decided to expand “Earn With Me” with the help of our participants. We tried this method with 3-4 of our participants and got good results from it and we decided to carry out this with the whole Earn With Me community!

From now on, you will have the chance to take back up to 100% of the referral commission by spreading the word.

Share our posts, videos, links on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Youtube accounts or drive traffic to our links; and increase your RCB percentage, up to 100% for a whole month. There is only 1-hour-job to do for each month, you are already doing this everyday: “sharing” or “publishing”.
Continue to spread the word and do the same things in the next month and continue your increased RCB status:

-Share 10 stuff and increase your RCB to 50%+10%=60% RCB!
-Share 20 stuff and increase your RCB to 50%+20%=70% RCB!
-Share 30 stuff and increase your RCB to 50%+30%=80% RCB!
-Share 40 stuff and increase your RCB to 50%+40%=90% RCB!
-Share 50 stuff and increase your RCB to 50%+50%=100% RCB!


Make only one testimonial video of yourself explaining your satisfaction about Earn With Me, put it on Youtube, share on Facebook and get 100% RCB for a single site!

Example script for video testimonial:

Hi, my name is …., I am a participant of Earn With Me,

I got my $… as RCB from Earn With Me.

(Your unique comment)

Thank you.

Links, texts and images to share:

-Just copy and paste it on your social media account as you see.

-Try to post different items on different social media tools and use 2-3 #hastags such as:
#makemoneyonline #earnwithme #bitcoin #btc #workfromhome #rcb #money #investment
#ptc #moneyonline #internetincome #revshare #revenueshare

-You can also use our banners to promote Earn With Me on PTC sites, traffic exchange sites and so on.

-You can use this image to make it seem better while you are pasting links:

earn with me


Earn With Me
make money online and take 50% of the referral commission back!


Do you want to make money online and take back your referral commission?
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Stop giving referral commissions to the sites itself or to people who you even don’t know.
Visit “Earn With Me” and see the RCB offers and claim it:
To claim your RCB, enter your details here:


Earn With Me
make money online and take 50% of the referral commission back!


Watch Earn With Me’s promotional video and understand how the system works.
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Have a look at Earn With Me’s beautiful landing page and
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Earn With Me is growing!


Earn With Me is holding bitcoin giveaway event at the end of each month for the sake of popularizing Bitcoin and Earn With Me among people. Read more details and participation rules here:
Enjoy the free bitcoin and the event!



Sign up under us to take advantage of Earn With Me. We offer you “Income from the internet”, “50% of the referral commmission” and “Reliablity”. Watch the video and register your details:


Let’s earn together.
Earn With Me
make money online and take 50% of the referral commission back!


You can see the programs that Earn With Me promote with 50% RCB offer here:


Have you read Earn With Me’s review about Traffic Monsoon?
Earn With Me also offers to pay back 50% of the referral commission!


Earn With Me paid more than $5,000 in a short time as referral commission back!
See the RCB proofs here:
Why are you losing your commissions to the sites to the people you dont know?
Register your information here:
Earn With Me will send you details to your mail.

Simple rules about the promotion:

-You need to have at least 10 people in your accounts, by which you shared.

-You need to post them as “Public” and should never delete them.

-In order to increase your RCB percentage, you need to send an e-mail to: admin@earnwith.me with the links or screenshots of the shared items. We will check every single sharing and add you to the monthly list. So, you will get more RCB for that month. Do the same things on the next month and continue your status.

-We may suprize you with extra RCB percentages if you share with caution and try to make it seem better by adding the image that we have mentioned above or by talking about Earn With Me on different money making groups as an extra.

-100% RCB offer is only valid if the RCB amount is under $100.

We hope you enjoy this promotion.

Spread the word.

Both “You” and “Earn With Me” will benefit from this.

Win-Win situations are what we like most!

Thanks for your cooperation.

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