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  • I saw members still small figure, need more agressive promotion so could get robust in early stage… and i am awaiting paypal info….thanks for info

    • In this site we trust, we are currently holding %15 of the memberbase as our referral. We are the biggest promoters of the site.

      Do not think about the memberbase so much, quality matters.

      When people see some payment proofs, there will be lots of people. When we talked with admin, he said they want to launch with 1.5k members.

      They will buy a huge traffic soon, and there will be more users.

      Let’s how it will go.

  • great news. Anyway keep in mind that there is no 2nd income stream. Like always: Fresh money pays old money. And so it would be great to see some new members here. Anyway with 1.5k at launch date count me in

  • Hello,

    I am one of the MyRevenuPays’s admins. The amount of users we have is around 400, and that’s real targeted people. We are not faking our stats in any way nor making fake sign ups or driving low quality traffic to our website. The website is 12 days old only, we can’t expect to gain 50,000 users. Most of the websites fake their stats, that’s how it works in this field. As if people see many users, they will join faster. Also we are working on some cool features for the site which will make us unique. I am sure when we will become known more people will join.

    Best regards Bram Pelgrims MyRevenuePays admin

    • We are happy to see you here, Admin!

      As we believe in the unique features of My Revenue Pays, we are heavily promoting it. Instead of lots of fake or empty users, it is better to have few targeted users.

      So far, it is going great.

      Good luck in your program and thanks for the explanation.

    • You can still use PayPal for purchasing advertising like in clixsense, not for money making packages. why would they remove them? You can use paypal.

  • Hi I recently deposited .588 BTC into BTCjam, 014122801 BTC into mytrafficvalue.com and .2741BTC into payget.com. My email is freelyfe@protonmail.com. My bitcoin address is 1Lb64sRQoXDEmk6FRFikfkEJSA4JpeTnb8 Please let me know if you need any more info. Also for mytrafficvalue.com I do not understand this quote on your site “Another advice about MTV is that if you are thinking of investing into “Plans”, do it just after swaps (changing your money or investments into shares to get rid of debt).” Thanks

  • Hi,

    You gave this some really glowing reviews in January. Are you still as upbeat and confident of the company 4 months on (April)?


  • This one is a total scam. Both of the admins are immature and are completely ignoring the program, and not sharing nearly as much as they’ve gotten. I know some people who invested $500 in that site, and they haven’t even shared $500. They are keeping too much money for themselves and only sharing a tiny bit of the pie with their members. Also, both of the admins have unsuccessful attempts of running another revshares/hyips, which either never launched or were extreme failures because they got in a fight with their teams (just as they got in a fight between themselves when they launched). I am sorry for everyone who invested here, I believe you’ll never reach ROI.

      • It’s an unpaid hosting issue, that’s what it is… Plus, they were not sharing commissions anyways. It’s one thing to be friends with the admins, but always trying to make them seem good it’s really something completely different. They were probably hoping to be able to make more from the site, but their lack of experience showed how a revshare should not be run.

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