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What is Marlive Automated Forex Trading (MATS) and how can you make money online with it?

This Marlive Review will help you understand Marlive better.

Marlive claims that they have an automated system which trades forex 24 hours a day. Of course, they may lie about it or they may really have such a system, nobody can be sure about it except the owners of the site. It may be running as a ponzi scheme. So, you need to be careful.

What made us to introduce this site is that they have spent a lot of money to construct this great looking site. They cannot scam until they got enough money from users (at least $5m).

They also paid for Marlive for Windows, and they paid for Marlive for Android too much money.

You can use these platforms to operate Marlive:


How does the system work?

marlive for android

In fact it is quite simple.

You can earn up to 160% without doing anything, it is a passive income website.

Just make a deposit and MATS will generate profit for you. You can withdraw your earnings automatically to your e-wallet. If you activate the “Automatic Withdrawal System”, your earnings will be sent to your e-wallet automatically.

They claim that MATS only trades when Forex Market is open for trading, so there is not profit on weekends, only a little profit on Sundays because forex market is closed on those days.

These are the daily interest rates of December 2015, avarage interest rate is 4.26%/day:

marlive interest rates

We have deposited $50 to try the site, it will return to us as $80:



Don’t forget that this site is in High-Risk category due to their high-return policy. So, please invest with caution.

As usual, we offer to pay you 50% of the referral commission back if you deposit to Marlive. In order to take advantage of this offer, click on the link below and register to the site:

In this Marlive Review, we have tried to introduce you the most important aspects of Marlive.

We hope you liked it.

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