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  • Online Earner!

    You have been banned from Get Paid Social. We had a talk with Jeff Long and he said that “the user gpspro (you) was exploiting the system by collecting high-rewarded tasks’ links and was collecting $97 in 3-5 minutes and were buying premium upgrade to get RCB.”

    He also warned us to be careful while paying RCBs

    Glad that we did not pay you in advance.

    Did you think that you can fool us? We are working nearly 24/7, and investigating every issue and every RCB before paying!

  • Hey, is this program still active? I paid 10$ to surveys around 1 month ago but still havent received a single survey :/

  • Guys, I was considering this program, but a few flags raising for me during the video (particularly now that it’s 1 April and they’re still saying only 200 founding members (I suspect that was surpassed some time ago)) but more flags, post searching the internet to see user feedback. I was thinking that if they’ve not got a survey platform with 300-500 a day, then there’s sustainability there for this business since it will only be a matter of time before facebook shuts down their social sharing component as it breaches facebook terms, it seems.

    I see your honest attempts to further share the wealth above caused more grief than good.

    How is the program working for you guys right now and have you had an opportunity to share in a founding partner bonus yet? I’m interested to get some feedback from you guys since you’re right in there – if you still are.

  • Hey, thanks for your kind words for Earn With Me.

    To be honest, which we always prefer, this is not a program that we can advice right now. But yes, it was good at the beginning. However, due to the poor quality of management, it has lost its popularity.

    There are still some tasks to do in the market place, and some surveys to do, but we dont think, it will be worth your time. But it is your decision of course. That is all we can say about GPS. These are our sincere thoughts about it.

    Thanks for using our service.

  • Hey guys, it’s great to see that no matter what happens, you’re always willing to be candid about your experience and what is happening. It’s a credit to you to give your honest opinion and feedback at whatever stage a program may be at.

    I think as online marketers/make money online community – we understand that each and every program we enter into – it is always a matter of ‘suck it and see’ and we can only communicate to our followers and community what we know to be true at that particular time.

    We are not clairvoyants, we can’t tell if a program will really flourish or die – only time can tell that one.

    And online you never actually know if the chatter or reviews about a program are genuine or not, due to the fact that mos people are usually promoting their own product at the end of the review – hence it loses it’s integrity.

    I liked the post here – people sharing the good and the bad – but most importantly, that you guys were wiling to tell it how it is then and even now. That shows integrity. Good on you for standing by your own values, most people online let those lines get blurred.

  • Hi,

    Thank you very much for your kind words and praise to Earn With Me. This is by far the best compliment ever! 🙂

    We are doing our best to pick the best programs and do not hesitate to share the realities about the programs. This is not a recruitment site, this is a sharing community that shares the commmissions.

    Thank you!

  • I’m curious. Has anyone ever received a payment from GPS? They were supposed to pay on 3/15 and they delayed. They were then supposed to pay today on 4/15 and still nothing. There support will not respond when you ask them about payments.

  • Yes, you are right.

    They are delaying the payouts very much. We still have a pending $250 since last month. But, at the end, they are paying.

    You need to be patient about it.

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