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We are holding bitcoin giveaway event at the end of each month for the sake of popularizing Bitcoin and Earn With Me among people. We like to share. The main idea behind this project is “sharing” with people.

That is how this “Earn With Me” idea started. We share up to 50% of the referral commissions back with you if you sign up to the sites under us.

Here are the rules for the event, please obey them to get FREE Bitcoin:

-We will give 0.001 BTC to 10 people (in total 0.01 BTC) at the end of each month.

-The participation is NOT restricted to top 10 people or the first 10 people who writes their BTC address. Everybody will have equal chance to win even if he writes his wallet address at the last day.

-The winners will be designated in a draw at a draw site at the last day of every month and they will be paid at the first day of every month.

-It is not restricted to just 10 people, there will be a sweepstake upon participants but only 10 people will be rewarded according to draw results.

-The winners will be determined via

-We will share the video of the sweepstake on YouTube. You will see how fair and equal we are to everyone who participates.

-In order to participate at the event, you should comment under this post like this:

My BTC address is: 1AffXhVrwWJv7sBL56fxukyQqpy7Yrkd3r

-We do not accept BTC addresses written in our Facebook Page or Group posts, Twitter etc. We only accept the ones written under this post. We will send you the reward to that address that you wrote.

-We advice you to “Subscribe” to our post. You can find the subscription box at the top right of this post. This is only an advice in order not to miss such kind of opportunities. It is not mandatory to get free bitcoin.

-This topic will be here, we will not create new post eery month and the comments will be evaluated according to its date and time. If you commented on December, you will have chance to get BTC for December. When we are in January, you should comment again for January.

-If there is not at least 40 participants for a single month, the giveaway will be held at the end of next month untill we have at least 40 participants for that month.

Good luck to everyone in advance.

Thank you for participating to the bitcoin giveaway event, we hope you enjoy our service, free bitcoin, and we hope we could help you a little to make money online.

Earn With Me


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