• Status: Paying
  • Payment Processors: Neteller, Paytoo, Payza, Skrill
  • Minimum Deposit: –
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $8
  • Category: No-Risk, Paid To Click
  • Referral Commission: Variable
  • Our Trust Score: 9/10

Clixsense Review

Clixsense is one of the leaders in the industry and you can make money online from this site without any need to invest money. They are in online money making world since 2008.

How to make money online from Clixsense?

1. View Ads: You can earn $0.001-$0.02 per click. You can view ads and get paid for it. Little money for viewing ads but they pile up in time.

2. Take Survey: This is where money is. First fill out your Survey Profile and from time to time you will be asked for participating in paid Surveys. The price of the surveys range from $0.30-$10 per survey. If you live in a wealthy country you will be offered higher value Surveys.

3. Complete Offers: These are the easiest part of the site for making money. There are lots of offers, complete the ones which is suitable for you. They are as easy as downloading a software to your phone or registering to a site. Try to keep away from giving your credit cards details to the sites in the offers.

4. Do Tasks: Along with Surveys, Tasks are the best place to make money. There are tasks that you should do to get paid. Check it, you will understand better.

5. Click ClixGrid: It resembles Viewing Ads in number 1 above. You will view ads but this time it is up to your chance to get up to $10. If you are lucky you will get the highest price. You can take your chance 60 views/day.

Here is our own stats for Clixsense:


We advice you to buy Premium Membership, you will earn better and you will compensate its price in time.

Watch this video to understand the system better:


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