What does “Referral System” and “RCB” mean?


Referral systems are the locomotives of online money sites. Without a referral system, a site cannot find enough members to invest or use their service. With a good referral system, the site grows faster.

For them, it is a must.

When you invite your friends with your referral link and when they sign up to the site, it means that he becomes your referral. You will earn money thanks to him as he uses the site. Sites promise to give referrers (the one who invited) some percentage of their referral’s (the one who has been invited) moves such as “investing, funding balance, buying advertisement, profits, moves” etc.

The ability to invite people to sites with your affiliate links means that you are an “Affiliate Marketer”. You earn commission from them. This is also our job as “Earn With Me”. But contrary to other affiliate marketers we share the commissions we got from you, with you, with a percentage of up to 50%.

This is what makes us different from other affiliate marketers. However, we respect them.

Sharing the amount of referral commission with the referral means “Ref Back”, “Referral Commission Back” or”RCB”.

Actually, there is no loss of money for you to become someone’s referral. Referrer takes his commission from the site, not from you. By being a member under us, you are taking advantage of taking back the commission. If you join without a referral link, or someone other who does not offer RCB, you cannot have the money back. Instead, you always make him earn money out of nowhere.

We hope we helped you understand how “Affiliate Marketing” works and the advantage of signing up under Earn With Me.

We are glad to help you make money online.

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