We do not like long “Terms of Services” that very few people really read them. We got simple rules that users and admin shake hands to obey:

  • We guarantee to pay you the promised percentage of referral commission back.
  • We pay only when we withdraw your commissions from the introduced site. So, it depends on the duration of the withdrawal from the site.
  • We prefer to pay through Bitcoin, but if you don’t use bitcoin and want to use our service, ask us in the comment if we have enough funds on PM, STP, Payeer, PayPal etc.
  • If the amount of commission is under $1/day, it is paid once a week when your commission accumulates in our account. This is to prevent always paying small amounts such as $0.01-0.20 to users everyday. This may cause a lot of work and hinder us from concentrating on new sites to be introduced. You will be paid at the end of each week.
  • We cannot guarantee any profits from the sites, we are not the admin of any of them, we are users like you. You should investigate the sites yourselves, too. So, if you lose money on these sites, it is your own money, own risk. Site owners may scam you, you should be careful while investing your cash. It is your responsibility to decide and invest into sites that we introduce. Never invest the amounts that you cannot afford to lose. Never invest in sites that you do not investigate yourself and trust on your own.
  • Some of the programs that we are promoting can be disguised ponzi schemes. We cannot know the reality or the real intentions of the admins. Do your own due diligence before investing any more.
  • Users should submit their “username, amount of investment, payment method he used, details of the payment method (BTC address, pm number etc to pay you back) either by emailing us or by commenting on the related site. In order to continue to be paid back the promised referral commission after the first ref back payment, the user should write a feedback as comment whether he got paid the referral commission or not.
  • Participants pay the payment processor fees while Earn With Me is paying the RCB.
  • Referral Commissions that have not been claimed in 30 days is considered as a forsaken right and is not paid to the user. Please, submit your details as described above before 30 days time limitation is over.
  • “Earn With Me” may change the RCB amount or edit the post without prior notice to participants.
  • The results that we show on Earn With Me are not typical. You may not earn as much as we earn or you can earn more then we earn. It totally depends on your work ethic.
  • We are also not responsible for “Paid Reviews“. Paid review owners may scam you. Do your own due diligence before investing.

By visiting our site or by registering the sites with our referral links, you declare to have read and understood these simple rules.

Earn With Me


Last modified on 16 June 2016

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