Poker Automatics Proofs

Here are our own payment proofs of Poker Automatics:

poker automatics payment proofs

pokeram payment proofs


pokeram payment proofs

pokeram payment proofspokeram payment proofs

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pams pam

pokeram payment proofs

pokeram payment proofs

For other users’ payment proofs refer here:

Poker Automatics Payment Proofs

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11 thoughts on “Poker Automatics Proofs

  • Is it still paying out and you just haven’t invested any more or haven’t updated payment proofs? I was interested in investing in this and wanted to know if it’s still paying out through jan to feb.

  • Ok, it helps people like me to see that it is kept current. Hopefully that won’t be an issue for you to add if you consider it. Thank you very much for the fast reply! 🙂

  • Wonderful! 🙂 Thank you for the quick response time! Glad to see it’s still working, I was looking to invest. How exactly does your ref thing work? I’d like to sign up under you if at all possible as a thank you!

    • As we have clearly stated in the post, you will get 50% of the commission each time you “create a deposit”, not for just one time, each time on deposits.


  • Hey, me again, I went to make my first withdrawal and it’s been pending since the 1st.. Is PAM still paying or has there been some new developments? I hope I didn’t get in on the tail-end of a long-running ponzi or something.. :/ That was pretty much my last 40$ in bitcoin and I was banking on a long-time paying site as opposed to something new. It’s my hope that I have not lost it, so I hope to hear some good feedback. Thanks again!

    If things are just taking a while and everything is ok, i’ll be re-depositing those funds, so let’s hope all is well!

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