Compound Fund


  • Status: Failed Business! Please, read the EDIT below!
  • Payment Processors: Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Btc-e Codes
  • Minimum Deposit: $1
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $1
  • Category: Mid-Risk, HYIP
  • Referral Commission: 5%
  • RCB we offer: – (not paid anymore due to low profits)
  • Our Trust Score: 8/10

EDIT on 14 October 2016:

Please login your account with this:

And read the recent comment that the admin made:

compound fund

What is Compound Fund?

This Compound Fund Review will help you understand what kind of opportunity it is and will also explain you how to make money online with Compound Fund!

Jo (former CEO of My Traffic Value) has launched a new site. He calls this one as his hobby project. Compound Fund can be evaluated as HYIP site.

What is the main idea of the site and how to make money online with this site?

You will give your money to Jo, and he will trade cryptocoins for you and share the profit with you.
With trading both he and you will earn money.


You will be able to cashout any time you want.

This will be a passive income site.

Site is designed quite simply. There is no login, passwords etc. It is totally transparent and automated. Invest whenever you want and cashout.

What are other details?

  • Variable Returns Daily
  • Jo may make a loss on some days.
  • Cashout Investment + Profit at any time for just a 0.2% fee.
  • Perfect Money / BTC-E Codes / BitCoin accepted
  • Referrals earn 5% of every profitable result.
  • No signup required! Just deposit & you automatically get a public profile created showing all your earnings info / balance.
  • With an email verification system for cashing out (takes up to 24hours to pay you). Super simple; deposit, earn, cashout without any fuss.
  • Come & go as you please.
  • No lock-in periods or other conditions. This investment itself retains 100% liquidity at all times.
  • Deposit & cashout as you want.

Watch this video to understand better how the system works and how you can make money online with it:

To learn what bitcoin is, refer here.

To see the payment proofs click here:

Payment Proofs

You can register to Compound Fund with the link below:

We hope you enjoyed this Compound Fund Review and it helps you to make money online with Compound Fund.

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