What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an innovative payment system which has been created by Satoshi Nakamoto in November 2008. By using bitcoin as a payment method, you do not have to go to bank, wait for queues, pay high commission for sending money etc.

All the transactions on bitcoin network is instant, peer-to-peer and there is nearly no commissions ($0.02).

No country, no government, no person or company has any control over bitcoin. In this perspective, it is anonymous. You can also buy sell bitcoin in certain reliable sites and make money online by trading bitcoin.

We advice Coinbase, it is one of the most reliable one and it is easy to use.

You can buy bitcoins from Coinbase:

Nowadays, (Nov 2015) its price is between $350-$400.

Edit on February 2017: The price is $1103/BTC

Imagine that you have bought $100 worth of bitcoin when it was first introduced and its price was $0.02/bitcoin. You could habe bought 5000 bitcoin by that time and you could sell them at $350/bitcoin. Now, you could have 1.7m dollars for just $100 worth of bitcoin.

Do not regret that you have not heard bitcoin in those times, as you can still store some bitcoins wait for its price to reach $100.000-1 million in 5 years time.

Why not?

In bitcoin world, everything is quite possible.

If you have already heard the word “bitcoin” but have not tried to use it yet, you should definately try it. You will like it, and you will not need to use other payment systems of a site is already accepting bitcoin.

That is all we can say about bitcoin for now.

You can track bitcoin price here:

Watch the videos below to understand the system better.

You will like Bitcoin very much and will be a bitcoin addict. We hope that this article helps you to understand what bitcoin is.

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6 thoughts on “Bitcoin

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    • Hi, yes we are suing A-ads from time to time, nowadays, our ads are running there. We are glad that we got you from A-Ads.

      We will try Adbit, too. We know that site.

      Thanks for the help and your thoughts.

      See you.

  • Thanks for sharing bitcoin and coinbase tips.
    Now coinbase transaction is very expensive.
    Do you know any good bitcoin wallet?

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