How to recognize scammers?


“Scam” or “Scamming” means is tricking, deceiving people for their money. The act of running away with your hard earned cash means that they scammed you.

Generally, in online earning world, people who invest on ponzi/hyip sites, they already know that they will be scammed one day.

But the question is when?

If they can take their investment back and make a profit, they can be evaluated as successful. Because they take a risk of whether they can cashout before they run away or not, and they win. But most of the users lose money in taking this risk. Whatever you do, you cannot be 100% safe, but there are ways to increase your chance to make a profit before they scam you.

Our advises are:

-First and most essential rule: never invest that you cannot afford to lose. If you will be depressed after losing money do not invest into any site. Instead,  try your luck at No-Risk category listed on Earn With Me.

-Second rule: After making a profit from a High-Risk category site, cashout ASAP. This will save your money, you will not regret that. Somehow or other they will scam people one day. You cannot know when, so the most logical act for you is to withdraw all your investments. Invest early, cashout early.

-Third rule is that: do not invest your money into every site you see. Search for them, look for admin details and admin history, whois details, payment processors etc.

Or leave the job to us and we investigate them for you.

Potential scam sites use non-refundable payment processors such as Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, SolidTrustPay, etc. You can very rarely see a ponzi site using PayPal as their payment system because PayPal protects customers via disputes. But the fact that a site is accepting PayPal does not mean that it is 100% safe. Because some sites can even find a way to fool PayPal. Sooner or later PayPal notices this situation and ends the  business with the site. This means the catastrophe of the site.

How can you recognize potential scammers?

It is easy in fact, you can recognize them at first glance. They offer you high returns as interest for investing into their sites at a fixed time. Such as:


Either do not ever invest into these kind of ponzi schemes or apply the second rule.

The other way to recognize potential scammers is that they begin to offer you deposit bonus such as:

“Deposit $100 and take the bonus of +$100.”
“Deposit $200 and take the bonus of +$200.”

and so on…

You can also understand a site will scam its users soon is that they claim that they registered their site as a real company in an offshore country or they claim that users will be able to cashout via sites own payment card soon. If they announce these kind of things, you can begin to withdraw your money from the site. They will run away without fulfilling their claims.

The other way that you can foresee a site is potential scam:
They allege that they are using your money to earn money from forex, trading cryptocoins, arbitrage etc. They never do that kind of things, they only pay old users with the money of the new users. When there is not enough cash flow into the site, they close the site and take users money, sunbath in Maldives.

As a last advice:
If a site begins to do selective payments, cashout ASAP. They begin to pay selectively, they pay some users and they dont pay to some others. If you are lucky enough you can still cashout, do it, take your money. The fact that they are still paying to some users does not mean that you will also be paid. So, do what is required.

To sum up, investing into online money making sites always have risks.

If you follow these simple rules strictly, you minimize the risk of losing money to scammers and you can make money online successfully.

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