Logical games are one of the most useful forms of fun on your smartphone and tablet. They allow you to spend a lot of time improving our grey cells. Below you will find a list of the top ten productions on the market – http://playondroid.com

Puzzles are a great way to spend your free time. They provide a lot of great fun and have an important educational value – they practice our memory and logical thinking. It is not without reason that this section of the Google Play Store enjoys unwavering popularity. Our editorial team decided to prepare a list of the ten best puzzles on the market. Everyone will find something for themselves: nice memes, Chinese Mahjonga, or mathematical sudoku.

1/10 X Construction Lite

Half of the last decade was marked by various types of bridge builders, i.e. games where the main task was to build a sufficiently strong bridge. X Construction Lite from CrossConstruct will certainly fill time for all would-be architects (as well as other Android owners). The biggest difficulty is to design and build a structure that will support the passing train. The game engine constantly calculates all the forces acting on our work – observing the laws of physics in X Construction is a real challenge.

2/10 Roll the Ball

One of the most addictive titles of the 90’s was Hydraulic. The aim of the game was to lay pipes in such a way that the flowing stream of water reaches the other point. BitMango members decided to make the game more attractive and prepared a mobile puzzle Roll the Ball. The assumption is the same, with the ball playing the role of a “poker”. A huge plus are the whole decks of playability.

3/10 Troll Face Quest Video Memes

Spill Games studio decided to focus its attention on popular memes – pictures with an accurate commentary on current events. The main advantages of Troll Face Quest are humour and very demanding puzzles, effectively absorbing our grey cells. Smile on the face is guaranteed.

4/10 Match puzzles

The nightmare of every teacher. A box of wooden sticks was once enough to play with traditional matches. Studio Bojan Klabjan extended this idea, which resulted in the title Łamigłówki. The game is about moving matches according to mission goals. We have more than 1000 different kinds of puzzles at our disposal.

5/10 Mecorama

Reaching point A to point B with a robot is the goal of the game in Mecorama – a very nice production of Martin Magni. Driving a machine is a pleasure. Wonderful graphics and pleasant sounds coming from the loudspeaker of our smartphone allow you to spend many hours solving each of the fifty puzzles. And these puzzles are not that simple at all!

6/10 Mahjong

Gratka for fans of classics. The Chinese game of blocks has many virtual equivalents. One of them is the production of 1C Wireless, designed for Android. Purists will certainly appreciate the title, because the rules of the game in the classic Mahjonga have been faithfully reproduced here. A very high level of difficulty and a variation in the form of a time trial will surely attract the attention of all lovers of puzzles.

7/10 Sudoku

Sudoku is certainly one of the most popular logical games in the world. The rules are simple – a square with sides of 9 into 9 fields has been divided into 9 smaller squares 3×3. In each combination we have to fill in the appropriate fields with numbers from 1 to 9. Contrary to appearances, some Sudoku are extremely difficult logical puzzles. Pink Pointer studio has prepared a mobile version of this great game. We can choose from different difficulty levels. Graphic minimalism is a plus, because it does not distract.

8/10 Brain It On

The third place in our ranking went to Brain It On – the idea of Orbital Nine studio. The player’s task is to draw special shapes that will be subjected to the laws of physics. The puzzle consists in effective execution of a goal, e.g. moving an object or causing a specific action. It sounds complicated, but the gameplay is very pleasant and gives a lot of joy. Hundreds of puzzles are enough for a couple of intense evenings. We recommend it!

9/10 2048

Androbaby’s development team decided to change the concept of the popular Sudoku and created 2048 – a logical puzzle. The aim is to operate with a square of 4×4 of the field. Each move results in the appearance of another power of 2: 4, 8, 16, etc. up to the number 1024. The adjacent fields are summed up and the win comes when the number 2048 is reached. Contrary to appearances, the game is very difficult and requires multidimensional spatial thinking and the ability to analyze subsequent moves.

10/10 Little Alchemy

The decisive winner of our ranking is Maly Alchemik. Recloak computer scientists did a good job – I haven’t seen such a well constructed logical game yet! The production can be compared to playing with God. We get a “Creator’s table” on which we mix individual components, such as: water, fire, earth. The combination of appropriate components creates new objects and phenomena, e.g. Fire+Air gives Energy, Water+Trawa gives Rosa, and Plant+Fire…. Tobacco. There are more than 550 different results to discover. Logical thinking allows you to achieve surprising results. We recommend it!

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